retro vintage floral dress

He had already undressed me with his eyes! A Retro Vintage Floral dress saga

Do not cause a man to sin by wearing short, revealing dresses to church, they said! They told me this a thousand times! But what they did not know is that a man can undress a woman even while she is fully clothed(in a Retro Vintage floral dress) and be finished with her in 5 seconds. My retro vintage chic or modern dress code does not change a mans thinking or behaviour! If he objectifies women, its because it is who he is. He would have objectified me in a short dress, in jeans or in swimwear. Women should not wear clothes to ‘help’ other men keep their carnal and basic instincts in check! They should wear WHATEVER THEY WANT!

Retro Vintage Chic: My compromise but my mama’s love

When ever I post an image on my facebook, twitter or instagram of me fully covered, I always tell my friends to tag my mom! I do this because she gets so proud of me when i wear clothes that cover my entire body! Retro vintage chic is clearly NOT my style but when i do wear retro vintage floral dress, i do it for mom or I’m probably going to work or church!

Retro Vintage floral dress at work

The type of work that i do aka my day job, does not allow me to wear revealing clothing. I am not complaining because i want the right type of attention at work. Respectful!! I do, however, wear modern chic at work but i felt it was important to show this side of me because it’s mostly thigh city every day on this blog! LOL.

Modern Chic and Retro Vintage Floral dress

Modern Chic to me means elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Synonyms are sophisticated, in vogue and smart. I think chic is found more often in everyday outfits, the simpler the better. When I think of chic, I do not think of too many accessories. I find myself drawn to words like plain and simple tailoring, good lines. It really comes down to what items are chosen and how they are put together.

Fashion that ooze respect

Unless you work for a magazine company , media or something artistic, wearing short dresses to work is not considered business style or functional wear. If i worked at a place that allowed me to wear short dresses or more revealing clothing, i think i would enjoy the freedom but i do not think i would wear it. I have been indoctrinated to think and believe that work wear is covering the booty, boobs and thighs. Which is ok. I’m more comfortable like that!

My mom loves seeing this retro vintage floral dress on me

I feel like when i am around my mother and we are going to church, all i wear is vintage! For me retro vintage is any dress that comes below the knees. She also says that i will never get married to a “Christian man” if i keep wearing short dresses but who told her i want to get married to a Christian anyway? But when i am around my mom, i don t even argue.

My mom and i fight about my Dress code

She once crossed over to the other side of the street while i was approaching her, because she did not want to be associated with me, as i was wearing shorts with sheer stocking and, she thought that i looked naked. LOL!!! I was so over it!

We used to fight a lot about my dress code but i don’t fight with her anymore! When I am at her place I am an old soul! When I am at my place, Well… You guys can check out my dress code HERE, HERE and HERE!!!

Kagiso’s said the dress isn’t me!

For those of you who do not know Kagiso, Kagiso is one of my oldest friends and he is also a photographer! These images where taken by Mduduzi so Kagiso was seeing them for the first time! He said the images are beautiful but the dress isn’t me. I told him that i have evolved! And rightly so! I am not the same person i was a year ago. The human mind is constantly learning and changing and I AM human!

Images shot at Paul Kruger Square courtesy of Mdu Follow him on Instagram and follow Beliciousmuse as well on Insta! Enjoy!

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