restrictive diets affect libido
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Do restrictive diets affect Libido?

Do restrictive diets affect Libido?

Exhaustion and Libido

When you think about it, like really think about it, going on a diet might entail dieting the right way and spending an adequate of time in the gym and feeling good afterwards because of endorphins. The endorphins might just be the right ingredients to propel you to performing better in bed. The other side of weight loss can be going on a restrictive diet which can affect your libido. Restrictive diets have a way of making one feel grumpy the whole day because of the little to no calories consumed throughout the day. Breakfast sometimes being the only meal you eat. After a full day of running on empty, getting in the sac might be the last thing on your mind.  

Its almost impossible to do it when hungry, exhausted, and with a troubled state of mind. The worst times to do it might possibly be If you are angry or depressed. Symptoms of depression caused by a low-calorie diet can also make it very hard to do the deeds.

Restrictive Diets and Libido

According to Eating Disorders: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional the  2011 Edition. They did a study on the sexual functioning of 242 women with eating disorders. The sample was a standard sample ad these women were asked about their sexuality and this is what was found.  Approximately 67percent of them had decreased sexual desires, among other findings.

The solution to a great sex life might possibly be to eat healthy, exercise often and find creative ways to relieve stress. After reading the passages in the Eating Disorders: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional, I made some assumptions that it would probably be wise to inform your partner before going on a diet because  low calorie diets can affect a relationship, tremendously.

Diets that boost Libido

According to Carnivore Diet for Women: A 14-Day Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide with Curated Recipes and a Meal Plan, Chapter 2, Obese and overweight women are more likely to suffer from sexual problems. And this is also according to American Researcher Martin Banks. To add to that, obese women who follow a carnivorous diet are more likely to lose weight than those that do not. Eating meat can likely lead to improved sexual functioning in obese women working on ways to improve their health.

One important fact while eating an all-meat diet is that you get increased energy throughout the day. Eating meat may improve your sex life and prevent sexual problems like lack of libido and impotence. Meat and fish are rich in arginine. Arginine is said to improve sexual health in both men and women.

The emotional building blocks of libido

Your libido needs nurturing to thrive, this means making time for sex in your life. According to Reclaiming Desire: 4 Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido Chapter 10, when maintaining and developing a healthy libido, one must start by accepting that making love must be for you, not for the other person.  You must want it because of what it offers you, or because of what you can take from it.

Making Adult time a priority

Our society is obsessed with sex. We see it in movies, series and unsolicited on twitter and other social media. Sometimes we can get excited when romantic comedies imply bonking, and get excited when watching it. But we hardly make time for it and therefore, although humans are sexual beings, our sex lives, as we get older, tend to drop to the bottom of the priority list.

Your personal relationship with sex is like any other relationship you have with people, if you do not make room for it, you cannot expect the desire for it to remain or grow.


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