He said, ‘that red party dress would look great on my floor’

I posted this red party dress on my social media and a guy i had recently started talking to posted a comment under the photo. Beautiful dress he said. I replied with a thank you. He then continued to say via DM, but it would look so much better on my bedroom floor. Wow! How disrespectful, i thought. The bedroom comment made me think, does he only see me as a sex object? Is that all he sees when he looks at me? On the flipside, if i was attracted to him in ‘that way’, would the comment have made me feel different?

Let me remind you that i had recently started talking to this guy, meaning, i had already decided to give him my attention. So, i was warming up to possibly liking him in ‘that way’ in the future. But he was still a stranger to me.

How the comment really made me feel

The comment got me flustered as it was disrespectful but daring! I didn’t comment or respond back because it was inappropriate. i however, found myself wondering and thinking about things too inappropriate to share here. So, lets move on!

Hot guys get away with alot

The guy is hot! Got a cute beard, I love me some facial hair. He is clearly not afraid of speaking his mind. He is sooo my type and, i enjoyed the flirting. But would i have enjoyed the comment or the DM if he wasn’t my type? I would have probably found his comments annoying! But why do women find unattractive mens comments annoying? Could it be an ego trip?

We believe we deserve the attention of hot, attractive, successful men and getting attention from those we deem way below our ‘level’ makes us realise or think that we might not be as attractive as we think and, that pisses us off! I mean, if an ‘ugly’ guy thinks he has a chance with me.. am i also ugly? lol! But its honestly not such a big deal. Ladies shouldn’t get offended when an ‘unattractive’ guy approaches them. Say no politely and keep it moving.

Red Party Dress

I once wore this red party dress before lockdown to meet up with friends at Altitude Roof top. It was a friday evening and i drove there straight from work. As fun as it would have been to wear this Red Party Dress to work, i can not! I would get fired! So, i had this sexy ensemble packed away in the boot of my car before i left for work that morning with an extra pair of heels

I got to the parking and changed in the backseat. Thank God for basement parking and the power of night. Took the escalators to the top and saw my friends seated with some of their colleagues. We had a fun night apart from the bra constantly peak-a-booing here and there, the red party dress was a win!

Fashion shoot with Mdu

Fast forward months later. It is lockdown and Mdu wants to do a short fashion shoot on Sunday! This was the first shoot I did since the Lockdown caused by COVID19!

The day started off a bit scary because we were all anxious of being out and working and possibly exposing ourselves to the virus. But doing this shoot was important to me because life has to go on. We did this fashion shoot at a park and we were super careful, wore masks and socially distanced but covid19 is not dead yet and we must all do what we can to stop the spread.

For the record, we did this shoot at the beginning of Level 3. And while i have a lot to say about the alcohol and cigarette ban and if masks work or not and why borders cannot be open and the economic effect of CORONA, I’ll always encourage you to listen to the Government and do what we can to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Photographer and Outfit Details

All images were taken by the incredible Mduduzi Khathamzi Follow him on Instagram HERE Mdeezet_khathmzee. My outfit: Red Party Dress is from Femmeluxe. Get the exact one HERE


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    Beautiful in that red party dress 🥰

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