Red Midi Dress from Femmeluxe is a must

The Red midi dress

I love this red dress! It’s a dress I have always wanted to have in my wardrobe for different occasions but mostly because it is the strong mix of perfect work wear at a traditional work place space. What I love about this dress is 5 things. I love the colour of the dress. I am totally in love with the length of the dress. The design of this red dress is sexy. I love the fabric of this dress. And, I’m obsessed with the arms of this beautiful and gorgeous  red midi dress.

A sophisticated red midi dress

There is something respectful about a midi dress. Especially a red midi dress.  The combination of red and midi is totally a trip. The colour makes the dress sensual but the length of the dress makes it work wear and functional. Walking anywhere wearing this dress will give a girl class, respect and admiration.

When wearing a shorter dress, on a black girl like me with thick thighs, the stares are usually from black me , staring from a point of lust and horniness.  While I can’t stop men from looking at me in whatever way they want. I will still wear whatever I want. Whether they choose to see me as a piece of meat or not, is their problem. 

I am, however,  more comfortable wearing shorter dresses out at night with friends or my man. Wearing short dresses during the day is not feasible for me, maybe because I’m usually at work. 

Body Exposed

So , I love showing off my body. And body showing happens in various ways. Kim Kardashian for instance, shows off her body through wearing skin tight long dresses. So, while at the time she is fully covered,  she is still hot and we can see some of her assets. Bare in mind there is no skin.

The Perfect Work wear

Business casual attire and formal business wear are very different. As such, it’s important to know which one you’re dressing for and how to do so appropriately. Business casual is to a large extent  relaxed style of office wear. It is often called upon for contemporary places of work along with “casual Fridays” in more conservative offices. Formal work wear is more sophisticated than business casual and is usually reserved for more traditional offices together  with specific professional occasions, such as client meetings and presentations.

When putting on clothes for the office, it’s very important to feel comfortable because you’ll be wearing these clothes all day. That being said,  pants make a good choice as they’re easier to move and sit down in than fitted dresses and skirts. But who wants to be comfortable the whole day when comfortability is for the home and more casual settings. Fitted dresses and skirts are perfect for a more professional and traditional work environment. And the Midi Dress is perfect because it was designed to be more feminine and  sexy and professional all at the same time.

If you’ve been in your job a while, you’ll have a better understanding of what works for your office. As such, you can inject personality into your wardrobe without worrying about appearing underdressed. and the Red Midi dress is the way to go if you have a more feminine taste when it comes to work wear.

Shop the Look: Red Midi Dress Fashion

If you are looking for Red Midi Dresses from ASOS, Here are my two Favourite Red Midi Dresses from ASOS:  Shop HERE and HERE!

SHOP the dress Beatrice Thandi Banda is Wearing directly HERE. P.S. It’s better to shop this dress while in the U.K Because it takes FOREVER to arrive in South Africa and the customs charge is A LOT.

Check out Three favourite  Red Midi Dresses from Femmeluxe HERE, HERE and HERE

Looking for more Local South African Red Midi Dresses, find them on Superbalist HERE and Zara South Africa

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