butterfly print black and white sweater style south africa



This is how we say Goodbye to winter with a little introduction to Leggings from LEGIT and a black jersey with butterfly prints and boots from RAGE for a movie day out.

South African Winter is literally two and a half months, August being just a gush of wind and the here and there threat of a cold or chilly night.

Although winter is short, it is the longest three months of the year where we spend most of it wishing we were in Mozambique or on another tropical island chilling by the open and clear waters sipping on coconut juice and speaking a different language.

You’d think we are a bit ungrateful to God for giving us  JUST nine months of pure bliss, and like kids not satisfied with just one lolipop, YES! we want more! and lets eliminate the three months of  cold air and flu while we at it on our list of demands. Ok… let’s keep calm and just give thanks… we are grateful… considering  that other countries have winter for the longest.

So I’m grateful I live in South Africa where September signifies the start of summer, bikinis, mojitos and swim wear. Yay!!!

GoodBye Winter it wasn’t nice having you around and we don’t look forward to seeing you again next year.

No xoxo this time to winter but xoxo to the 1st of September AKA The first day of the rest of our lives!!!!!

Enjoy the fashion and whimsical Images curtesy of Siyabonga Mfuphi. Shot in the warm and quiet streets of Pretoria on a Sunday afternoon, wearing my favourite beauty accessory,  the one and only bold lipstick from #Mac #Rubywoo.

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