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Have you ever struggled to get the best make up ideas online? Or more importantly, red eyeshadow ideas for a specific look? Well, i know i have. A couple of times. And that’s why i came up with this look.

Before i decided to use red, i wanted to use black and brown but decided against it. Girl, i was hungry when i took these images as you can see with how my eyes are drooping. Oh my gosh. I am screaming!! How did i even put up these photos looking like this? 

Be kind to yourself

You see what we do to ourselves. We constantly put ourselves down, all the time. It does not matter what colour your eye shadow is, you are not happy. I am my own worst critic. And that is not fair. If anyone else comes up to me and tells me the crap i just told myself on how hungry i look in these images, do you think i would sit there and ‘take it’? NO! I would tell them where to get off.

That being said, i think we can carry on sharing information on this red eyeshadow ideas look i have put together. I know, must we move on? Yes, we have to. We can not keep wallowing on things that do not bring us joy. But, that being said… I have made a mental note on being kinder to myself. Now lets take red eyeshadow ideas for winter or summer look.

Red is not just for lips

Who said red is only good for gloss? What we saw on the catwalks this year made something pretty clear: moving this bright colour from your lips to your eyes is the new trend for Winter 2018. So, forget about the dark shades we are so used  to, and let’s light up our dark autumn days — we don’t need any more dull colors after all, do we? You think this is all a bit too much? We are here to change your mind, and surprise you with these makeup trends

Experiment with red eyeshadow 

If you’re more into classics, start experimenting slowly. Red cream eyeshadow gets applied onto the eyelid, and framed by mascara and black eyeliner pencil, to lend some depth to your gaze. It is very important here to focus on your eyes when choosing this style, and to use very natural tones on the rest of your face, especially on your lips.

If you love tangerines, look at Xuan HC, Kenzo and Max Mara for a few ideas: powder red eyes shadow can be applied exclusively on the contour of your eye, or even on the sides of your face, almost imitating the effect of a bright blush. If you do this, you can intensify the effect by applying red mascara on your lashes, or by blending the eyeshadow onto your eyebrows — in this case, make sure you don’t go for overly bright shades!

If you’re still unconvinced by the idea of a total red makeup style, you can always tone it down by mixing it with other colors, while still letting red take center stage. Alberta Ferretti shows you how to do this, by applying cream eye-shadow at the center of the eyelid, and placing a small speck of gold in the inner corner of the eye, to illuminate the gaze. All of this will be beautifully framed by a blended line of black eyeliner pencil, which will work as a substitute for mascara.

Look of the day

  1. Red Eye Shadow: LA Girl Cosmetics
  2. Blush: La Girl Cosmetics
  3. Foundation: L’Oréal Paris Matte foundation in Cappuccino
  4. Concealers: LA Girl Cosmetics
  5. Bronzer, Highlighter, Contoured powder: LA Girl Cosmetics
  6. Lips: Mac Cosmetics

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