red chiffon playsuit

Red Chiffon Playsuit

I love wearing jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are the perfect fashion item of clothing to wear when you are a curvy girl. I love playsuits so much because most of the time the playsuit is cinched at the waist making my waist appear smaller and sexy. My favourite playsuit must be the black one I got from SUPERBALIST. It is black with florals. The other playsuit, which I absolutely love, is the pink jumpsuit made from suede. It has a zip in the middle, making wearing the jumpsuit so easy. The problem with all jumpsuits and playsuits is when I must use the bathroom. Ever been so pressed to pee buts its 15 degrees Celsius and you must unzip or unbutton your jumpsuit, and be naked, to use the bathroom? Yep, that is a real issue. And this Red Chiffon Playsuit is no different to most jumpsuits.

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The Chiffon Playsuit drama

 The worse part about this jumpsuit is that I have long acrylic nails and the Red Chiffon Playsuit has delicate buttons which I was not willing to button up for this Fashion shot. So, as you can see. The buttons on the Red Chiffon Playsuit are not buttoned. That was a strategic move on my part if I do say so myself. It would have been a nightmare unbuttoning all the buttons when pressed to pee.

It is no secret I am a big lover of playsuits. I do not have a ton of playsuits because I do not like struggling when I go to the loo. Playsuits they are the perfect item to wear during the Summertime but even in winter, thick twice. In other news, the best part about jumpsuits is Not worrying about how to pair your top or bottom. No awkward ass flashes when bending down to pick up something. Also, wearing a one piece makes styling so much better and easier.

When styling tops, pants, or skirt, one needs a lot more patience. But patience is not a gift the Lord has granted unto me. Unfortunately. I do not want to spend my mornings looking for things that match together ot things that go together. I just want to up and leave

Starbucks Debut

I spend some of my afternoons and evenings at Starbucks working. If I am not at home or at work, I gravitate towards coffee shops. I can sit there the entire day, use their Wi-Fi, and order a decaf cappuccino. My favourite. Cannot live without it.

So, this one day my friends invited me out to MooMoo for light dinners and drinks. I called another friend of mine and asked him where he was. He said he still at Starbucks. I asked if I could see him because I needed to pick up something from him hours ago. He agreed and I was off. For context, MooMoo is 30 seconds walk from Starbucks.

When I entered Starbucks, a lady pulled me to the side to give me a compliment. I said thank you with a smile and continued walking towards my friend, who was seated at the end of the shop. When I got closer to him, he gasped. Is this how you look when you are not working? Yes, I responded with a giggle. He then gave me what I had come to Starbucks for and walked me towards MooMoo.

When I visited Starbucks a couple of days later the Lady Barista that I am friends with said some of their staff were amazed at the outfit I was wearing. To be fair, I wore the Red Chiffon Playsuit with a brown men’s belt and my hair was a bit different. If u like I could recreate the look for you but for now this fashion shoot will suffice. The Barista said the staff talked so fondly of my look that they had to check the security cameras just to convince her o=how cute I looked. I was flattered and all I could do was smile and say thank you.

There are a couple of iconic moment on this blog and some of my favourites have to be the Black Floral playsuit, the Yellow cotton floral playsuit and the one Bonang Matheba Wore some time a couple of years ago in Durban.



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