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This fashion photo-shoot almost did not happen. The reason you are seeing this right now is because we survived and live to tell the tale.

A couple of things could have gone wrong on this Fashion shoot. First of all the shoot was on a rooftop and I have a fear of heights. You could ask yourselves, what the hell was she thinking doing a rooftop shoot if she is afraid of heights? Well I don’t know, was probably creativity talking taking over without proper rational thinking but, that’s what we do at Beliciousmuse, we test the boundaries.  That being said… The roof tops boundaries were less than a meter high. Yikes!!!  I was scared, more like traumatized. I’m surprised that I even survived this shoot, but more scared for Siyabonga who at times sat by the edge to take pictures. (And there was no net waiting for him on the ground, in case he fell).

Another danger was that it was hot. The hottest it’s been since the end of winter according to me. So hot we have never used an umbrella before in any of our shots, but on this day the umbrella was a must. We were fortunately saved by the Sunscreen we both used that morning and were later happy to find out that we didn’t suffer any sun burn thanks to IQ Sunscreen SPF 30.

At some point I needed to change shoes but the sharp sting of the hot rooftop floor quickly got my feet back into the heels as I wobbled to the area were my other shoes were at.  LOL its times like this I wish I could levitate. LOL. The rooftop floor was literally on fire.

More heat on the rooftop came from this gorgeous sheer, embroidered white Blouse from RAGE .  I’m telling you if I had worn anything else more covered I would have suffered from a heat stroke. #NoLie

Ok, enough with the mellow drama. We didn’t die; we got over our fear or rather my fear of heights and used the sun to our advantage (in other words, we made it our dog LOL).

Apart from the fear of rooftops and the heat, I enjoyed the fashion shoot wearing these two off the rack chic items from Rage, namely the top and the skirt! Pure heaven.  I enjoyed the breeze the skirt provided and the classic and chiffon feel of the amazing white top.

A huge shout out to the very talented photographer Siyabonga Mfuphi  and Lets keep in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Follow Rage on Instagram @@RageshoesSA for more Fashion mixes.


Outfit of The Day

Top and Skirt:RAGE South Africa

Shoes: Primark

Bag: Present from Mom

Stunners: IDENTITY South Africa