rage maroon dress

Rage Maroon Dress

I was looking for a maroon dress to wear to work before i settled on this Rage Maroon dress. I decided to get this dress because it is versatile, layered and it is the perfect length for business chic or church day realness. But knowing me, i just had to turn this perfectly classy dress into a sexy one, with layers. And if you look carefully at all the images of this Rage maroon dress, you will see only one picture where the dress is what it really is. Covered, flair and not as open as i made it out to be.

What i love about this Maroon dress

Maroon is a very primary colour. You could call it an earthy colour. Things that are covered in red are usually seductive or dangerous. I chose to go with seductive. Wearing fashion outfits that make me feel good about myself is my thing. I enjoy wearing clothes that get peoples attention. Who doesn’t like being seen. I don’t like being hidden or constantly in the middle of four walls because i see myself as a flower. And flowers have to be seen. Flowers must be watered, taken care of. I take care of myself but i also enjoy being taken care of by my man, family, friends etc.

If you decided to visit the Rage online store, you will see that Rage offers a variety of affordable outfits which you can style in whatever way. These fashion pieces can be styled to achieve either a very effortless look or a layered look, depending on ones style.

Styling the Maroon dress

I think that by this time, our readers know that i am not the one to add too many things to a look. I am a very simple kinda girl. Simplistic, clean, fresh. So i added black stilettos from Madison. These black stilettos are a wardrobe staple. They live in my car in case i need to go to an on the go meeting and i cant necessarily rush back home to get a new pair of heels. Oh my word. I have worn the Madison Shoes for a while now. Check them out HERE, HERE and HERE.

The fashion shoot with the Rage maroon dress

This shoot was done close to Pretoria West. I can’t really tell you where exactly but its in Tshwane, Pretoria. We, My Photographer Linda and I , chose this house with this gorgeous blue gate. We were a bit scared at first because the big gate read, ‘Warning: Beware of Dog’. So this fashion photo-shoot was done in approximately 15 to 12 minutes. When we saw that the dog was becoming more and more aware of our presence, we called it a wrap.

But we had to leave as soon as we could because we live in South Africa and there are thieves everywhere. And we were alone in this neighborhood. Its sad what we have been forced to adapt to. But ignorance is not bliss. If you are not aware of your surroundings, being naive can be fatal.

Linda Modika Photography skills

Can we just take a moment and just appreciate Linda’s Photo skills? I mean!!! I’ve come to really appreciate my friend Linda. And I’ve also been feeling appreciated right here on the blog. You guys know that beliciousmuse.com is my baby and she keeps growing. And sometimes we (Beliciousmuse and i) meet obstacles. But we have managed to overcome those obstacles. And i’m so in owe everyday of your constant support in reading our articles and sharing with friends.

Sometimes my little heart cant take it and it feels like it is going to explode with happiness. But we are still HERE. I am still here and we will keep growing together again, again and again.



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