Rage floral playsuit

The Rage Floral Playsuit is the best outfit for summer fun

Jumpsuit vs Rage Floral Playsuit

This article is about the rage floral playsuit. But, if you must know, i didn’t always call such pieces of clothing playsuits. To me, everything that is a one piece, merged between pants and a top was a jumpsuit. And i’m sure i am not the only one that thought so.

For the longest time i called every piece of clothing that looked like a jumpsuit, a jumpsuit. If it was long but was one piece, its a jumpsuit. If its long and tight and it has a zip in front, its a jumpsuit. If its black and made out of leather or even made out of latex, i called it a jumpsuit.

My first Playsuit

It was when i purchased my first playsuit on superbalist that the name really stuck. And when i read the receipt after my item of clothing arrived at my door via DHL, that i learnt to call short, more flowly ‘jumpsuits’ playsuits. I know, its all the same right? Actually not.

When i decided to go to the RAGE store i was going there in pursuit of something fun and something that i could wear on the first day of the upcoming spring. 1st of September 2019. This Rage Floral Playsuit immediately caught my attention. Its been winter for what seems like forever. So seeing an item of clothing that didn’t look like winter AT ALL, was refreshing.

What i love about the Rage Floral Playsuit

Rage has many varied and different playsuits but what stood out for me when it comes to this one, was the many colours obviously. But more importantly, the mix of blues and yellows and what the playsuit does for my skin tone.

I also love the fact that my big behind was able to fit in it. I initially picked the size Medium but at this point, it think my BUTT should have its own area code. So i picked the Size Large and lo and behold, i was able to fit through.

Its unfortunate that the bottom half of the playsuit fits perfectly and the top half is a little lanky on me. But i made it work. The belt on the Rage Playsuit is a heaven sent. When you wear the belt properly , you are able to be cinched at the waist so it don’t look like the playsuit is wearing you, its the other way around. You are wearing the playsuit.

Finding sizes that fit south African women

South African women are some of the sexiest women on the face of the planet. African women in their totality. People pay a lot of money to look like us and we are just born this way. Sexiness among-st us is found not just in the width of our hips, but in the size of our breasts in the inches of our waists and in the calves of our legs.

Rage south Africa does a great job at making sure that no matter your size or shape you can find a clothing item in store that fits your body.

Outfit of the day

The Rage floral Playsuit is obviously from RAGE and you can purchase this particular Rage Playsuit HERE. The Shoes are from Steve Madden and you can purchase a sparkly pair HERE or you can purchase a similar black and silver pair HERE. The Purple pair is out of stock but the Carrson black pair is still available HERE. The hat is from Simon and Mary and it is the Mounti Traditional one in the Colour dark green, Purchase one HERE. View STOCKISTS HERE. If you like a different shape to the one i’m wearing check out Tread and Miller

A day in the life

So i have a 9 to 5 job. This shoot had to be done before work, so you can imagine the time that i had to wake up to look good for you guys, our readers. So i would appreciate a share, a like and a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And lets give A round of applause to the photographer of the day. The one and Only Miss Linda Modika. These days i have to work around her schedule if i want awesome images and i really appreciate the time she takes off her ‘me time’ to help a sista out. Follow her on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.


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