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When I first saw the Pyjamas trend at fashion shows at some of the world’s biggest fashion weeks I was a bit confused. These fashion designers didn’t label their collections as sleep wear, rather out and about wear. Growing up in Pretoria I got annoyed when girls would leave their apartments early In the morning to go buy “magwinya” fat cakes in their night gowns. They would stand in line wearing pink fluffy  winter sleeping pants , loose t-shirts and head wraps in the name of ‘cravings’. No one I ever saw wore a slip dress outside because it was considered too intimate, yet the whole idea of dirty girls wearing the pyjamas they had spend more than 6 hours in, the previous night, annoyed me.

During New York fashion week last year, a few fashion and style bloggers were pushing the night gown  pyjamas trend from different fashion designers. Lucky for us the night gown campaign as if you just rolled out of bed didn’t stick. The one that stuck or looked a bit more wearable was the more classic and classy chic style where the look looked a bit more formal and well coordinated.

There are too types of the sleep wear looks that I definitely  loved : the slip dress and slik satin matchig  and loose fitting  long pygamas but I still wasn’t convinced. There is a very thin line between looking like you just rolled out of bed and looking like you going to slay somewhere other than the bed.

I got convinced on the sleep wear trend look when  I got this satin burgundy slip dress from YDE.  It looked like pygamas but it it also looked like an ootd dress.

Slip dress pyjamas trend

Natasha Ndlovu, Slip dress style: These pyjamas are velvet blue and are styled well with chuncky boots. The look is not too sexy and more functional making this the safest choice to go with when trying on the slip dress pyjamas trend.

Chaira Ferragni from is the more risquea option. If you feeling daring, this is what you would wear on a night out. The  short white dress is a bit too short for day wear but obviously a good choice for fashion week.

Slip dress pyjamas trend

Aimee Song from wears the dark blue slip dress in its most comfortable form. Wearing the slip dress styled with an oversized jacket is sexy yet functional. The oversized jacket tones down the classic lace on the breast area.

Last but not least… when I chose the burgundy red slip dress it was the only Colour I was gravitating too. There was blue… but… it appeared to dull..

Another way of wearing the slip dress is to wear it with a t-shirt or shirt inside / underneath depending on where you will be going and the occasion. This red and white combination is perfect for corporate or  for wear in a fashion forward community.

The world is yours!!! You can do anything you want to do and wear anything you would like to wear…the only person that sets the rules is you. It’s your world… live in it.

I hope you enjoyed reading on how you can try on this fashion forward pyjamas trend with the slip dress or nighty. Please share, like and spread the love.

Lots of love.


Images: Klearview Media ( Kagiso Mothlamme)

Shoes: Madison

Dress: YDE


Bag: Call it Spring

Earrings: Legit

Neck gold semi chocker: Lovisa


1.Lipstick:  flatoutfabulouse by MAC

2. Foundation: chestnut and toffee conearers from L.A. GIRL COSMETICS.

3. Blush: orange blush from Black Opel

4.  Eye shadow : Beauty Treat nude palette.

5. Setting Powder: MAC COMPACT POWDER.

6. Contouring Powder: LOREAL True match powder.


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