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I had the awesome opportunity of trying out the MUD SMITTEN PALLETE and I really enjoyed it. This versatile palette combines beautiful, bold colors with neutral favorites to create that special balance. I managed to create a Purple, cashmere cut crease with the MUD SMITTEN PALETTE using the colours Berrywood, Velvetine, Galaxy and Cashmere.

The purple, cashmere cut crease was inspired by the amount of purple eye shadow in the MUD SMITTEN Palette. Different shades of purple, obviously.  Purple is a beautiful colour to wear on all skin tones for different effects. Also, purple eye shadow looks gorgeous on darker, richer skin tones.

So, what I love most about the smitten mud palette is that regardless of the perfect purple colours for darker skin tones. The entire palette is all skin tones friendly. I especially loved the ‘BARE’ LIPGLOSS that had chocolate undertones. Making it nude enough for darker skin tones but brown enough for lighter skin tones.

I enjoy using makeup that is created for all skin tones as we enter an era in makeup that demands diversity. We would have been saying something different about this palette if I thought it wasn’t ‘made for me’ too. What use is an eye shadow palette if it caters to only one race or one skin colour? MUD MAKEUP has created the perfect balance.

The Purple cut crease look

The cut crease makeup technique shows off and widens your eyes by creating the illusion of added depth. Whether your eyes are small, large, slanted or hooded, a cut crease will open them up for a beautiful, doe-eyed look. Additionally, the extra space created on the lids will offer a more extensive canvas to show off your favourite eyeshadows.

Go bold this season with a sweep of cashmere on your eyes. With the power to bring out any golden-brown flecks in your eyes, this cashmere shade from the MUD PALETTE will make you sparkle. Able to be dressed up or down, a PURPLE cut crease is the perfect formal look for a black-tie evening. Its also perfect for a fun, playful style to wear out to lunch with the girls. If you are going for glamour, try combining this look with well contoured, bronzed cheeks and barely-there natural lip gloss or bold red lips.








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