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People wear brands for different reasons. I personally wear Puma South Africa because its convenient, its affordable and its comfortable. I Look forward to going to the gym these days because I look cute from my apartment door to the gym door and back. Puma South Africa is a brand worth spending money on.  If you looking for good sports or gym wear, visit a PUMA STORE near you.

Puma South Africa is not expensive. Puma South Africa is durable.  Jogging can be low or high intensity and the constant rubbing of your thighs While you jog can be harmful to your gym wear so it’s important to get the best sportswear and throw out the leggings.

Boobies can take a punch but some of these attacks on the breasts can be unnecessary.  Puma South Africa has sports bras from low, medium to high intensity.  This PUMA sports bra right here, keeps my babies in tacked.

Guys… I’m not getting paid for this post. Sometimes you just must appreciate those that bring us affordable quality and PUMA to me, is one of those brands.

I fell in love with Puma South Africa when my girl Rihanna first launched her first collaboration with the Brand. Fenty Puma was lit, the shoes, the tops, the pants, the swag everything dripping ICE. My favorite items from the Fenty Puma collaboration, when it first came out, was the dusty pink Suede Fenty sneakers. Now, THAT!!! Is high fashion with a mix of street, gangsta, sportswear.

Rihanna’s latest collection could be some of her best work with PUMA. Rihanna’s PUMA collab is so much more than appropriated prints and “girl versions” of existing guys’ stuff that caters in no way to the feminine figure, let alone perspective. For this, and for the creative freedom PUMA has allowed her, US MERE MORTALS should THANK THE gods for not being crazy and seeing it fit for earth to be housing such a talented angel. Rihanna’s capacity to keep her vision in line with solid fashion and trend references, rather than produce a collection of watered-down looks she’s been spotted in and frothed over, should be saluted.

If Marie Antoinette were to go to the gym, she might look like Rihanna’s new fashion line for Puma. At least, that’s how Rihanna, the pop icon described her designs to The New York Times during the line’s debut in Paris.

Athleisure – athletic clothing that people can wear outside the gym – has gained popularity in recent years with successful brands like Lululemon and Yogasmoga. Beyonce and Selena Gomez also launched their own athleisure lines. Puma South Africa makes you want to wear sportswear, everywhere. Before sportswear, I would gym with good old leggings, some horrible looking sneakers and a grey t-shirt passed on to me by an ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t fun, I would go to the gym to get it done. Not to enjoy the workout.

The thing we should all understand and never forget is that, when you look good, you feel good, before or after the scale. When you look ugly, you are not motivated to go work out, but when you look good, we, human beings sort of like always want to show off. And the showing off is not limited to those with ‘great bodies’, the show of is inclusive to those that came to the gym looking awesome and those are the ones more capable ‘killing it’, at the gym because they feel good.


Shoes: PUMA (Couldn’t find the exact shoes but here is a similar pair)

Tights: PUMA (Get something similar HERE)

Top: PUMA ( @zando HERE)

Pictures Taken by Kagiso Motlhamme (Instagram)


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