Prince Moeketsi: Hey Bell

Beliciousmuse: Hey Prince. I’ve decided to just throw the questions at you without prior notice. Lol don’t worry… nothing sinister. ☺Let me know when you ready…

Prince Moeketsi: Lol I’m ready

Beliciousmuse: Ok. First off all…  tell us how you were “discovered” and how your modelling career all started?

Prince Moeketsi: I’ve always found comfort in fashion that entails looking good at all times , so I had the Height and body and I remember going for a casting for the 1st time at SAFW at that time I didn’t even know what was happening sadly I didn’t make it because I didn’t have a Z-card ? but then I was given a chance at Soweto fashion week that’s where it all started

Beliciousmuse: Hhhmmm… interesting . Not a typical model story. Ok… so ever since then…  What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date? By the way… this is supposed to be just 10 questions..  but might lead to maximum 14. Cool?

Prince Moeketsi: Cool. Well walking on a Runway has become a part of my life because I get to show the confidence I have in me,  I have done shoots such as Jameson, Ballentines and Absolute Vodka it was the Best shoots I’ve ever done

Beliciousmuse: Lol I’m temtepted to say i love absolute… but this is not about me ???.

Prince Moeketsi: Ha ha ha behave

Beliciousmuse: As a model you get to wear alot of fashion… But how would you describe  your personal style and where do you pull your inspiration from? Lol I’m trying here man….

Prince Moeketsi: I really don’t like to follow trends I love feeling comfortable also looking unique lol I just love standing out and I pay a lot of attention to the material I wear but specifically and outfit that makes a statement.


Beliciousmuse: Ok cool… Do you have any hidden talents? Other than looking awsome…

Prince Moeketsi: Well m a writer and a Poet

Beliciousmuse: Nice .. any poet/jazz cafes ppl can find you or watch you perform?

Prince Moeketsi: I haven’t performed in a while because of work I just have a lot on plate but I still write

Beliciousmuse: #tooBadForUs ?

Prince Moeketsi: Ha ha ha will definitely make time

Beliciousmuse: Please do!! ☺ Do you get to travel a lot for your work and  If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited?

Prince Moeketsi: No sadly not that’s one of my dreams! Traveling I wish to visit Mozambique, and Paris.

Beliciousmuse: Paris would be awesome!!! Especially for Paris fashion week. Is modeling your day job or is it a side.  #IHaveToAsk.

Prince Moeketsi: It’s a side. My sister owns a ladies Boutique and Men’s Boutique so I’m Running the Men’s

Beliciousmuse: Hhhmmmm I did not see that coming ?. Does modelling pay and would you encourage anyone to do it for a living?

Prince Moeketsi: I think if you want to do modeling for money then you won’t get very far however if you love Modeling it’ll definitely put food on the Table. There are a lot of challenges you’ll come across just like any other career

Beliciousmuse: What are the challenges you have faced as a model. Worth sharing

Prince Moeketsi: On my early days I would come across clients that don’t pay and you would do work for them for free! Go to castings and be Declined and that’s a tough one because if you not strong then it would crush your spirit and think you don’t have what it takes. But you just gotta tell yourself that you are unique and you have something that no one else has only had it. And someone will see that in you and what to use you.


Beliciousmuse: Wise words. Do you think being a  model is better for girls or guys and  why?

Prince Moeketsi: That’s a tough one?. At 1st it was for ladies because a lot of designers feel business is good for ladies but things have changed it has become equal now

Beliciousmuse: No way!!! How?? So you guys get paid the same amount as girls?

Prince Moeketsi: I haven’t paid attention to that but to think of it it’s better for girls. Because if u can go to a fashion week. There are a lotta shows for girls than guys

Beliciousmuse: Fair enough. Give us 5 facts about you that people may not know

Prince Moeketsi: * I am cheeky ?

* I am a hard worker

* I love cooking and Cleaning

* I am very Funny

* and I care way too much

Beliciousmuse: Ok… not gonna comment on that cause that’s super awsome.  .soo since you can cook … if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Prince Moeketsi: Yoh ? Chicken Briyani

Beliciousmuse: ???hahaha.. Not commenting there either.    Ok… last question : How does your girl deal with all the female attention you get as a model. And don’t lie to me I know you are taken

Prince Moeketsi: Well I think she’s trying hard not to show it but I haven’t given her any reason not to trust me

Beliciousmuse: ☺ great answer. Ok… that’s it. We done. Mr Man Crush Monday.  Any future projects we should look out for  you wanna share with us ?

Prince Moeketsi: Ha ha ha next Monday I want to see myself on ur time line MCM

Beliciousmuse: Hahaha. You pushing it… but… a link will be posted with your face on it.

Prince Moeketsi: Well I just did a shoot for Jameson and busy with TV adds that I cannot disclose

Beliciousmuse: Cool…  Will be looking out. Thanks for your time Prince.

Have a good night. You see. .. Lol you didn’t die.


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