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Pradiance skincare

Pradiance skincare; We are all ageing, some faster, some slower. The rate of ageing can be caused by lifestyle or simple genetics. Pin pointing what’s causing fast or slower ageing isn’t exactly a science, but what you can do to prevent rapid ageing is simple things like being more active, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and use good products to take care of your skin. Pradiance is one of those anti-ageing skin care brands one can choose to invest in to slow down the ageing process. And, at the Pradiance launch is where we all learnt more about the product.

Pradiance skincare in Joburg

At the Pradiance skincare launch I learnt that PRADIANCE ULTRA RICH DAY CREAM is a powerful anti-ageing skin care product for exceptionally dry skin types. This anti-ageing skin care product has Hydrating and soothing aloe and shea butter that are combined with treasured pomegranate oil for a powerful anti-ageing recipe. The PRADIANCE ULTRA RICH DAY CREAM has Natural aromas of vanilla, a hint of orange and precious frankincense.

This amazing anti-ageing skin care brand contains powerful African botanicals known for their healing and anti-ageing properties. Kigelia (African Sausage Tree) extract, the main ingredient, has been used for decades for the treatment of scars, sunspots and hyper-pigmentation.

I was invited to attend the Pradiance launch on the 9th of October at Gabriellas Tea Room at Parktown North. And I was really impressed with this ant aging skin care product.

Fun facts I learnt at the Pradiance skincare launch 

The Pradiance Skincare range is formulated for the demands of all skin types, with the inspiration drawn from the proven healing effects of carefully chosen African plant extracts that only have positive effects on the skin. The desired effect is to balance uneven pigmentation, heal scars and even out skin tone while enhancing the health and beauty of the skin. Kigelia promotes skin elasticity and can plump up the deepest of wrinkles.

You might be thinking, maybe you are a bit too young to wear anti-ageing products that target wrinkles but I’m from the school of thought that prevention is better than cure.

Launch Breakfast and information sharing

Anyway…  after all the information sharing we had a great breakfast as you can see from the pictures. Please share this post even if it is to help just one person out. Pradiance was launching the PRADAINCE  ultra-rich day cream on this day but they have a plethora of natural anti-ageing skin care products that you might be interested in trying out. I received the PRADIANCE Ultra rich day cream, the cleansing milk, which I’ve used and it feels good on the skin and I also got the balancing facial toner for all skin conditions. I love the fact that these skin care products are so natural, if you accidentally ingest them, you ‘won’t die’. lol

Thanks for spending time here. Share and come visit soon.



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