Pongracz Nectar Rose

Pongracz Nectar Rose Light Demi-Sec

Is Pongracz a good Champagne?

Pongracz Nectar Rose #NewAnytimeIndulgence: A fancy and exquisite Methode Cap Classique, Pongrácz Nectar Rosé Light, inspired by a man from Hungary called Desiderius Pongrácz, whose revitalized wine and grape farming in the Cape led to Pongracz using the classic French way of creating Champagne and in this was able to create to distinctive varieties, Pinot noir and Chardonnay. This magnificent Cap Classique elicits an air of style and sophistication! A tribute to the wonderful mind of whom it gets it name from, Desiderius Pongracz.

Is Pongracz Nectar rosé sweet?

This Cap Classique, delights and evokes an air of romance with its delicate cherry blossom hue. Great complexity on the palate with lower alcohol and enhanced sweetness, strawberry and red berries, layered with nuances of spicy aromas and yeasty undertones. The firm mousse and persistent bead reveal wonderful red berry and spicy flavours, rounded off with a light yet lingering aftertaste

Is Pongracz Nectar Rose a wine or champagne?

Champagne is the sparkling bubbly from France and it can only be labelled and called champagne if the grapes are harvested in the Champagne region. MCC is the same bottled fermented process that the French use, but because it’s not French grapes, it can’t be called champagne.

Its a delicate medium-sweet, lower in alcohol bottle sparkling wine crafted using Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Salmon pink is the colour it resembles, strong berry aromas balanced with a refreshing acidity and a creamy froth.

Why choose Pongracz Nectar

Pongrácz Nectar Rosé Light Cap Classique Bottle 750ml bottle. Is an award-winning Methode Cap Classique sparkling wine that is both elegant and one of a kind. This superb Cap Classique recalls an aura of flair and sophistication, composed in the classic French tradition of two noble sparkling wine types, pinot noir and chardonnay.

Enjoy XOXO

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