ponds flawless radiance brightning micellar water

Ponds Micellar Water flawless radiance review

Ponds Micellar Water is a Product by Ponds designed to remove makeup and dirt on the face without using water or soap. Its become a norma for brands to create a variant of another brands product but Ponds is the best Micellar water out there. It does what it says it will do and does not damage the skin in any way or form.

Life before Ponds Micellar Water

When i first started seeing Micellar water in the market, i laughed. My question was why are brands selling us water to remove makeup when we can use the free water in our taps? for that price? But after careful and diligent investigation i realized that it wasn’t just water. It was a special kind of water that wasn’t harmful to the face. Using Micellar water is a direct result of an increase in makeup brands in the market. With each day a new and better makeup brand is introduced and we have to do better in being able to take the makeup off..

As women, we like to try out new and interesting things. Trying on makeup should not be a hassle. The days before Micellar water were hard. One would end up with very dry lips from the constant applying, removal and re-applying of makeup testers. Now all we need, to remove the previous application, is a drop or two of Micellar Water.

Taking off long wear makeup

Taking Make up off the skin can prove to be a long and abrasive job. These days make up is designed to stay longer on the face than some of the more older brands. Companies like Kylie Cosmetics manufacture lip-kits that you can purchase, that comes with a makeup remover. The separate makeup remover for that specific brand is so that the lipstick can finally come off. Makeup brands don’t create makeup that is easily removable nowadays. These days there are matte lipsticks that stay longer and generally lip stains that stain the lips.

Lip Stains are lip dyes that are applied directly on the lip to keep the colour from fading. During the day we eat food that sometimes takes off the makeup and we kiss our boyfriends and girl friends etc. And by the time the day has worn out, the lipstick has also worn out. And we don’t want to keep applying the makeup so we choose the best long-wear makeup available on the market.

Soap VS Micellar Water

We can either remove the lipstick using soap or using Micellar water. Soap is a substance used with water for washing and cleaning, made of complex natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or one or another alkaline substance , and it usually has a fragrance infused in it for colouring and added uniqueness.

Soap can be very harsh to the skin, especially the eye area. And as we stated above, some makeup is harder to remove than the rest. Using Micellar Water is the best way to remove makeup and make sure that the face is clean before going to bed. Ponds Micellar water is the best Micellar to use. Ponds Micellar water is none harmful and it can be used on all skin types.

Flawless Radiance 3-in-1 Brightening Micellar Water

Ponds Brightening Micellar Water is A first of it’s kind revolution for the POND’s Institute. New Flawless Radiance 3-in-1 Brightening Micellar Water cleanses and brightens skin and removes makeup with no rinsing required. For face, lips and eyes. Best suited for all skin types.

Ponds Brightening Micellar water has many benefits other than just removing makeup.

Ponds Micellar water Brightens the skin over time as the removal of makeup using Micellar water over time scrapes of dead skin cells and impurities. The skin is illuminated from within. Bright skin is healthy skin and anything that helps the skin radiate from within is product any woman would love to have.

Why you must invest in Micellar Water

One last reason why Ponds Brightening Micellar water is the best make up remover is that it doesn’t make your face-cloth dirty or stained by makeup. I use a white face cloth and imagine how dirty my face cloth would be if i started my makeup removal process with a face cloth.

Using a face cloth even after you have used cotton pads and Micellar Water to remove your makeup is optional. Cotton pads are disposable but you can’t keep replacing face cloths everyday. Its not feasible. Imagine, the black Mascara, the red or pink lips, the pink, brown blush, the contour, the brow gel etc. Use a cotton pad and Ponds Brightening Micellar water to remove makeup and save yourself some time, while clearing the way for new skin.

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