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When I think of Ponds Skin care I remember, it was the year 2008 and I had decided to go visit Malawi with my sister and my mother. My mother had already taken a flight there and she was waiting for us. My sister and I used the bus from South Africa, which took about two days to get to Malawi. I remember after the 48 hours how exhausted I was and how I vowed to never take a bus again to visit Malawi. Malawi is a very HOT country and the journey was just too long.

Malawi is an African country, located south of the equator, mostly hilly and mountainous, and has a tropical climate with a hot and rainy season from mid-November to April, and a relatively cool, dry winter season from mid-May to mid-August. When You think about the kind of climate Malawi has, you will realize that Malawi doesn’t necessarily have 4 seasons, it generally just has two seasons, mainly dry or rainy season. Other than the rainy or the dry season, Malawi is generally very hot most year-round with temperature ranging between 25 and 37 degrees Celsius. On the time that we travelled, I could have sworn that the temperature was around 40 degrees Celsius. It was very hot and I didn’t know much about sunscreen, all I carried with me for skin care during that trip was Ponds Vanishing cream.

We spent our time by the lake and we were in the sun daily. I thought that the Ponds Vanishing cream would keep my skin protected. To my dismay, when we got back, my then boyfriend was shocked to see how much complexion I had lost. My skin was still smooth, but darker. I immediately stopped using Ponds Vanishing cream as I thought that it had made me darker.  Years later I realized that it wasn’t the Ponds Vanishing cream that had stolen my complexion, it was the lack of Sunscreen on the journey and using the wrong Ponds for my skin type.

How to get flawless skin: Ponds Vanishing cream is created mostly for those that have a very oily skin and my skin was dry, then. So, the Vanishing cream made my skin dryer which made it more susceptible to sun damage. And without sunscreen, my skin was doomed. My skin didn’t need to get rid of excess oil in the heat, my skin needed oil to protect it from the sun. South African weather and humidity is different than Malawian weather. All I needed was a Ponds that had an SPF in it and unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the knowledge then. Now I’m more educated and use the correct Ponds Product for my skin tone and I religiously include Sunscreen to my daily skin care

Ponds launched the new faces of Ponds and a few of us media and bloggers were invited to the launch. When I got there with Bongi, one of my best friends, I saw that an animated picture of mine, together with other bloggers was on the information screens. The touch of all our animated faces on the monitors was a good one and I felt special. The attention to detail that the Ponds did was wonderful. Our names where even on the #MyTypeOfFlawless signing board and We had a good breakfast and delicious lunch.

ponds #myTypeOfFlawless

(Bongi My chomie)

ponds #myTypeOfFlawless


ponds #myTypeOfFlawless

The new face of Ponds is Melody Molale and I had such a great time meeting her. In my opinion, Ponds chose a perfect face for their perfect brand. Melody Molale is well spoken, a great people person and a true brand ambassador with perfect, beautiful skin. Sometimes when one meets a ‘celebrity’, the person will be offish, as if you did something wrong by just greeting them, Melody is NOT like that at all. She is accommodating and true to character.

ponds #myTypeOfFlawless

(Melody Molale New face of PONDS Flawless Radiance)


Going back to Ponds and how to get flawless skin, Ponds has a different range for different age groups and skin types and it is very important to know wat kind of Ponds Range your skin needs. There is the Ponds Age Miracle, Ponds Perfect colour complex, Ponds Lasting Oil Control, Ponds Pimple clear and Ponds Flawless Radiance.

The cream that ponds launched, accompanied with their new face, is Ponds Flawless Radiance Derma Plus. The new POND’s Flawless Radiance Derma Plus range consists of a mattifying cream, a moisturizer and a perfecting serum. Think of it as your personal dermatologist. The skincare range combines 3 derma-treatment inspired actions (laser, IPL and Gluta) in one. They help minimize and tighten pores, boost your skin’s radiance and reduce spots. It also has DermPerfect™ Complex that helps lighten spots.

The Ponds product I’m most excited to try out is the Flawless Radiance Moisturizing day cream with SPF 30, THE Hydrating Day Gel with SPF 15 and the PONDS flawless radiance derma PLUS Perfecting Serum and the PONDS Mattifying day cream with SPF 15.

Moral of the story, use Ponds Skin care but use the Ponds skin care range designed to target your skin wants and give your skin what it needs.



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  1. Ponds skin care powder and cream is getting magic to change their face as shining. The tropical climate and each set of season is possible to use the ponds products for all women for their skins. I am getting my skin smooth. Vanishing cream is protect from sun damages. It is possible in online for buying with reasonable price. I am also buying the same way from my home. Correct product and get immediate reaction in my skin

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