Getting old is inevitable. It’s no joke, it will happen but it is no horror movie either. You should not be afraid to age especially if you have lived your life with no regrets. A person’s youth disappears but beauty never goes away (Dependent on the beholder).

People fear ageing for a couple of reasons.

  1. Society has taught us not to see wisdom and experience within ageing, rather weakness and ugliness.
  2. We live in a ‘display culture’ which measures a woman’s worth by youth.
  3. Women feel they become ‘invisible’ as they grow older and that their opinions no longer matter.
  4. Men age ‘better’ than women, only because men are simply allowed to age.
  5. People get more ill because of a dying immune system as age catches on
  6. Weight gain makes it harder to ‘look good’ because age comes with a slowed metabolism.

We cannot stop ageing. It’s part of nature. But beauty doesn’t have to go with age. It’s the mirrors that change not the person looking in the mirror. The relevant person still sees your beauty at whatever age. Our problem as people is that we expect everyone to see us beautiful which is unrealistic because not every young person is ‘beautiful’ but every young person is young, no doubt. Age has to come gradually at its own pace. Easier said than done I tell you… We might be in the dark about the many things that cause rapid aging. One of the biggest causes of aging is stress. Stress will age you! Perfect example… Barack Obama.

Ponds South Africa has created a campaign called beautiful habits. To me this makes sense because of facts.  A person will live longer and look and feel better by creating beautiful habits. Beautiful Habits should be to us regular practices that are so solid that they become hard to give up. What should be important to us are Ponds Beautiful habits like choosing not to stress, exercising at least twice a week, always eating healthy, limiting alcohol and just having a more joyful outlook on life. Our Laughing, living and loving are the keys to a long and beautiful life.

Important beautiful habits we should create and nurture are taking care of the face. One rule that I swear by is ‘never go to bed without washing your face’. When Ponds South Africa sent me this package it made the beautiful habits of washing my face before bed a little more pleasant.

From all the Ponds skin regenerate range. My favorite is the Intensive Cell ReGen PONDS Beautiful habits skin regenerate Serum. This intensive and highly potent skin regenerate serum dramatically boosts the skin’s capacity for younger cell regeneration. A nourishing addition to any skin care regime, the POND’S age miracle Intensive Care Cell ReGen Serum offers optimal results when used as part of a BEAUTIFUL HABITs skin care regime with the entire POND’S age miracle range. The Ponds Beautiful Habits Skin regenerate serum fights fine lines and wrinkles, helps visibly reduce the appearance of age spots and enhances overall skin radiance.

Now that’s my kind of skin care product. Because the range is called Age Miracle doesn’t mean you should only start using it when you are old. You are a day older than yesterday today and you are ageing as we speak. Age is not a bad thing but ageing gracefully is the prerogative. Just a side note: I used to use the Ponds flawless radiance package a couple of years ago. It didn’t work for me but it might work for you. The skincare products you buy should be dictated by YOUR skin type and skin concerns not solely by your age.


Take care of your self ?… Allow yourself to age but do it with Grace.

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