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Ponds sent me these two Ponds BB creams a short while ago. At first I was like, oh my God, another skin care product! But the Ponds BB cream is not just skin care, it’s a mix of makeup and skin care. I HARDLY USE BB creams as most of the BB creams I’ve used or tested in the past didn’t match my skin tone. The BB cream is either too light or too dark but Ponds have created something a bit different.

The Only colors or hues you will find in the Ponds BB cream range are Chocolate and Beige. Ponds believe that these two colors will be able to blend in, at a more or less degree with almost every girl living in South Africa. If you are dark skin, you can use the chocolate one and it will blend with your natural skin tone.  If you are a bit lighter toned, you will be able to use the beige hue and if you are a bit in the middle, you can mix both of them to get your perfect shade. I am a bit lighter skinned than my friend and we used the chocolate Ponds BB cream together. We both looked great.

The formula blended with her skin tone different o how it blended I with my skin tone.  For an even toned, radiant – looking skin every day, your skin requires protection against sun damage and PONDS BB cream has SPF 30 which is full sun protection, excluding umbrella 🙂 .  The ponds BB cream is expertly designed for African skin and is enriched with 7 derma-strong actives. The Ponds BB CREAM offers advanced care and coverage that perfectly matches your natural skin tone. The cream moisturizes, protects and offers even skin tone over time, whistle providing natural coverage for your skin

The benefits of using the Ponds BB CREAM include

Evens skin tone with 7 derma strong actives, Moisturizes at the deepest level, Smoothens skin texture after applying it on the skin and Tightens pores.

Coverage benefits

The Ponds BB Cream provides instant natural coverage and by natural coverage I mean it’s not full coverage, the BB creams look like your own skin tone just smoother. The Ponds BB cream offers 2 shades over 100 skin tones and its expertly designed for African skin.

I use the ponds BB CREAM on days when I don’t feel like using a lot of makeup, after gym or just on a lazy Sunday with my man. It’s also a good base for a glam look of makeup but for me its either BB CREAM or full coverage foundation. Make sure you try one or two of these soon.  Because my skin is more chocolate I use the Beige Ponds BB cream as a highlighting ‘foundation’. Purchase Ponds BB cream HERE



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