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Plus size power dressing: ERRE Fashion Evolution


ERRE fashion house has evolved. And, while other fashion houses have stayed the same, a few have grown and become some of the world’s most recognized and respected fashion houses to date. ERRE Fashion is a Pretoria Fashion House that has surpassed any predecessor. And they have done this by including Plus size power dressing on   When one talks about Power Dressing, the fashion house that comes to mind is ERRE. And now we can include Plus Size Power dressing to its list of accomplishments.

Victoria’s secret, one of the biggest Lingerie Brand on earth has runway models that do not ALWAYS cater to the wider population. Rihannas Savage x Fenty, a lingerie brand that was born ‘yesterday’ has become one of Victoria’s secrets biggest competition. Savage X Fenty is huge competition because they cater to a wider demographic than Victoria and Savage X Fenty runway models are VERY DIVERSE.

Savage x Fenty, in their 2019 lingerie runway shows included models that are thicker, shorter, more plum, masculine etc. and there was even a pregnant lady on the runway. All the diverse models are signs of a brand wanted to make money but still be inclusive.

Men’s Magazines VS Women’s Magazines

There is a reason why Men’s magazines have thicker women and women’s magazines have a majority of thinner women on display. We as women are ‘programmed’, from a young age, to be skinny or want to be skinny. I mean it’s worse at family gatherings, funerals and even weddings. If they haven’t seen you in a while and you have gained weight, they won’t stop telling you how fat you are and how you should go on a diet.

Don’t get me wrong, being healthy is always the way to go. But looking healthy is ‘relative’. Its subject to individuals perception and judgement.

Now that’s a PHAT ASS!

Its only now that seeing a ‘phat ass’ in a woman’s magazine is ‘cool’. But, that’s because of Instagram models and the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and let’s add Cardi B. Everyone wants a bigger butt now. Cause having a bigger butt is the ‘in thing’. Don’t be fooled, most women want bigger butts for MEN, Not for themselves.


But regardless of whether a girl has a big butt or not, we still want to be represented on runways, in magazines, on TV, and in movies. Representation is freedom. The ERRE Fashion House has evolved, into not just a verified Pretoria Fashion House, but an ICONIC fashion house. ERRE Fashion recently revamped their Website to include a plus size model. In this way, ERRE FASHION gives their more thicker, potential customers an opportunity of seeing how the dress, skirt or blouse or pants would look like on them. Which is Amazing. ERRE is the perfect example of Plus Size Power dressing done right.

Purchase the correct size

Have you ever purchased an item in store and it looked great on the manikin but it looked horrible on you?  Or even bought an expensive item but it looked cheap on you? It happened to me a couple of times. The solution is to purchase clothing only where you are comfortable that the clothes will fit you perfectly. Some online stores assist in choosing your best fit by taking into consideration your actual measurements in inches or centimeters.

ERRE Dresses are a symbol of Power

I had the opportunity of being cast as ERRE Fashion plus size model and I had a blast. To me, being in an ERRE Dress is powerful on its own. The ERRE dress represent strength mixed with femininity. They are powerful threads for powerful, forward thinking, decision making, board room meeting holding and C.E.O.s.  I asked what was the inspiration for hiring ME as a model for their social media. And the Plus Size Power dressing Pretoria fashion designers said that they wanted clients to be able to see the same dress on different body types.

Learn from ERRE

Having two models model the same dress is ingenious!!!And I think it is something a lot of fashion houses should gravitate towards. For some of us looking for a party dress, it’s nice seeing it on a girl that looks like me. And the decision to purchase the dress is not based on guess work, rather on the perfect and real mental visual.

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Images taken by @Kaygism For ERRE

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