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Mind games at Platinum Life and Isabella Garcia perfume

Beauty Brand to Know: the Perfect Isabella Garcia Perfume Isabella by Isabella

Isabella by Isabelle is a signature scent by Isabella Garcia. I received the perfume a couple of weeks ago. I received the perfume through Platinum Life as a marketing tool for their business. Kgomotso, my friend, nominated me to receive the gift.  I was a bit astonished by the word ‘free’ because you know, everything has a price, nothing is FREE.  When I finally responded to Platinum Life SMS to choose a ‘Free Gift’ from Isabella Garcia Website, I picked the obvious choice for a women like me. As a woman who likes pretty, shiny things, I picked the perfume: Isabella by Isabella.

Isabella Garcia Perfume: Signature scent

Per their Website, the Isabella Eau de Toilette is a young, vibrant and mesmerizing scent. Isabella’s signature scent evokes the feeling of a free spirit. Inspired by the exotic blossoms that are at the heart of this fragrance, it is mischievously sexy and full of character. Top Notes consist of Lemon, Lime and Tagetes. The Heart Notes consist of Apple, Raspberry, Peony and the base Notes are inclusive of  Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood . This perfume is not for free :The gift will come with some terms and conditions.

Mind games at Platinum life: Reciprocity Principle

The idea of reciprocity in social psychology is that if I do something positive for you, you will in turn feel more cooperative and it is predicted that you are more likely to do something positive for me. We can’t help it and it’s a social obligation that we’ve all surrendered to whether in our personal, professional or consumer lives.

Platinum life is really doing a good job at turning normal everyday people who are seemingly satisfied with their insurance,  to change. That being said, The perfume is ‘free’. Think about it, when was the last time you received a gift from someone who wasn’t in a relationship with you, or person you didn’t know at all?

Brand marketing

When Beauty brands send me press packages, I am expected to give a review of their brand. When or if you don’t review, they will stop sending those packages. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing. I mean, if you really wanted to, you could stop receiving press packages and buy your own exclusive products for review. But in our economy, anything free is nice. The difference is that Platinum Life doesn’t EXPECT you to give them what they want. They ask nicely. But you either feel like you owe them for the beautiful gift they sent you or you feel grateful that you got a ‘free’ gift.

Thanks for the gift

Have you ever received a gift and didn’t say thank you? Saying NO to Platinum life and they have given you a gift, will eventually make you feel like you are not saying ‘thank you’ for the gift received. When in essence, if you said no, they wouldn’t push you. 

Ladies and Guys, I honestly loved this Isabella Garcia Perfume. Isabella by Isabella is a perfume I Would never have seen or ever wanted to purchase because i don’t naturally gravitate towards it. But now i do.

Platinum life and Isabella Garcia will send you an Isabella Garcia Perfume, lotion or anything smelling good and looking fancy. To break down your defense’s so that they can penetrate your heart and work on your mind. The truth is, what they will be asking in return is actually A LOT. And to them, it’s worth a lot more than the R700.00 they will be spending, sending you a perfume.

If you asked me…

I’ve already fallen deep in love with Platinum life because of the ‘free’ (Isabella Garcia Perfume) gift. #ILoveGifts.  And I have already nominated 40 of my friends to receive a gift as well. The Psychology within this marketing campaign is smart. Big ups to the person than came up with it or renovated it.

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  1. Leah Lekoko says:

    Good day,

    I would like to know how do I go about in buying the perfume

    1. Good day Leah… Visit there you can make an online purchase.

  2. Jacquamine Sibeko says:

    Recently received a gift too, must say i am i love!

  3. Thembi mchaiza says:

    They want unique number we’re can I get it to completed my form?

  4. Zoliswa says:

    I want to know how to order perfume

  5. Sharon Khoza says:

    Still waiting for my perfume

  6. anonymous says:

    I understand this rule of reciprocity and the tactics they use. Luckily I can’t give two sh**ts about their marketing efforts since I already knew what their bottom line is. There is a reason why there is this joke that “real friends will never give your number to platinum life”.
    So anyway, I got my perfume, then blocked all their numbers. I ended up giving the perfume away anyway as it stinks. No offence to Isabella Garcia.

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