Pink metallic party dress

The Pink metallic party dress and the Red car

Its 5:30AM and I know I promised people, our readers, that a new blog post will be up at 6 AM. I’m hoping I can meet the deadline and I’m hoping you guys will love the glitter bodycon dress post on What you are currently seeing on this page is a pink metallic party dress from FemmeLuxe.  If you follow the blog, you will realize that this dress looks like the Orange Metallic dress posted some time ago. And the colours are similar as well. But, if you compare the two dresses, you will find that they are very different. Different in design as well as colour.

FemmeLuxe Apparel: Pink Metallic Party dress

What I enjoy most about FemmeLuxe is that their dresses are good material. The dresses are well structured and very well designed. FemmeLuxe is also very true to their word. If the label says mini dress, then you are very sure to receive a mini dress. These mini dresses are mini dresses. No matter what size you purchase, if the dress is a mini dress, then it will reach only Two inches below your bum. Not further Those two inches are very risqué. When girls go out, at night, to parties, events etc. there will surely be that one time that one must bend. Whether to pick up something or to simply sit down on a chair or the simple fact of getting out of a car or getting inside a car. If you are wearing a femmeLuxe mini dress, the bending part will be a problem. That being said, take extra care when maneuvering in a femmeLuxe mini dress.

Back in South Africa in a glitter bodycon dress

First, it feels good to be back. But, I miss my family and European friends. Landing at O.R Tambo, I was expecting load shedding to be in full effect but, Thank God that has not happened! Not even one time since I’ve been back. I do not miss the cold and I’m truly happy I have the sun glistening on my skin. I do however miss David, my little brother. He took most of the pictures posted on this past December. On this day, however, I had to outsource a friend of mine to help me with these optics.

Fashion Photoshoot

So, these images (of the pink metallic party dress) where taken by a friend of mine called Rasta. I do not think that’s his government name, but I’ll take whatever a person gives me in regards to his name. He told me he has some experience in taking pictures and has a studio. I never got a chance to go to his studio but I’m thankful he could help me out with these images. Being a blogger can be easy but sometimes it’s hard. You can choose to either pay for photographers or you can beg your friends to take pictures of you. Most people are not that comfortable taking pictures so you must respect their decision, regardless of whether its s close friend or not.

I tell you guys that you must respect people’s decisions in regards to them not wanting to take pictures of you but, I don’t think I’ll ever understand if a close friend of mine says they do not want to take pictures of me. I mean, it’s not like I’m doing it just for fun, this is part of building my portfolio. So, if a friend does not want to help, occasionally, are they then really your friend? Lol… hahahaha scratch that. Respect people’s decisions when they say no.

Outfit of the day: Pink Metallic Party dress accessories

On this day, it was Cold! But work must be done. I begged my brother to take pics of me and he said yes but he over slept. So, Rasta and I went out and did the things that needed to be done to get the pictures to happen. Firstly, everyone in winter is wearing black and long pants or dresses. Here comes Beatrice Thandi Banda in a light blue jacket blazer, mini pink metallic party dress and open toe River Island Shoes. When I first went out to meet up with Rasta, my sister looked at me like I was crazy? How are u going out looking like that in this cold??? She asked. She was so shocked. Lol To cut a very long and cold story short. We found the perfect spot for these images and the rest is history.

At one point, I started complaining to Rasta that I’m feeling cold and the dustbin collectors passing by heard me and sort of chuckled. They did compliment my look though. In my heart, I was saying, why do I do this to myself.

The final photos of the Pink Metallic Party dress

I am so happy with how the pictures came out. We took these images a while back but I knew I wanted to post the images of the pink Metallic party dress in South Africa because to be fair, I just didn’t have the time to sit and edit the images, then write the story and post the blog. All I wanted to do is absorb god energies and limit work to a minimum.  Just wanted to spend every second with my mother and nieces and nephews and siblings. I knew that the time will come where I must share these images with you guys and I’m happy that that time Is now. Please leave a comment, like and share these blogs. Makes me happy.

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Will post another blog post sooner than you think so subscribe and be the first to know. OH, MY Gosh ITS NOW 6:30. 30 Minutes past the deadline. Apologies in advance for the late post and Enjoy.

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  1. Octavia Maredi says:

    Girl you are serving everything😍😍😍😍You came for all of us….gettttt ittttt….also taking pics of your friend should be a norm,girl I would have laid on the ground for the perfect pic 🤣🤣🤣….what?even hyped you up.but all that ends well…love the article

    1. Thanks Babe… i had so much fun doing this shoot and WE ALL NEED FRIENDS LIKE YOU #Love

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