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DKNY: MyNY perfume review

So, my man bought me a couple of perfumes for , I don’t know , cause it wasn’t my birthday and neither is it Christmas yet. Guess cause he just loves me and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :-). I really don’t wanna rate any of these perfumes cause I love them all so I’ll just get you most of the information you need to make a good decision if you wanna purchase it or not.

The DKNY myNy is very feline.  It’s sweet, it’s floral , it’s fresh.

It is very sweet, almost sickening sweet. After the initial blast of raspberry syrup the pink pepper appears and lends an interesting spicey twist to the perfume. It dries down into a very generic slightly musky sweet scent. I envision this to be a “time off” informal weekend scent, a scent for watching movies, for running general errands, for meeting up with friends for a casual dinner. It has a relaxed and happy aura about it. It is a nice perfume if you are looking for a gourmet with a bit of a spicey twist.

The fragrance arrives as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum along with perfumed shower gel, body lotion and rollerball.

A must Have , at least once in a lifetime.



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