Perfect white floral dress blog post

The Perfect White floral dress

Deciding on a Floral white dress

I do not know if you follow me on Social Media or not but I wore a similar version of this dress in one of my latest Instagram Reels. The different version of the Floral White dress that I wore is Red and Black. I looked really good in it and so I did a Instagram REEL with the Audio of Ricky Thompson. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself you look good and brag. I do not always feel GREAT. Sometimes I feel down and depressed and no matter what I am wearing, I can never get myself out of that funk. But on this particular day, the day I created the REEL. I felt like a Queen! Check out the REEL here.

Buying the floral white dress

I bought the Floral White dress after a gym session. I had not planned to get into YDE but they had a sale. A 50%off Sale. The price of the dress was initially around R900.00 but I got it for about R400.00. And because the dresses were so affordable I decided to take both of them. The White dress is a size Large and the Red and Black dress is a Medium. When I got home I tried on both dresses because the opportunity to try both dresses didn’t present itself at the shop because of time. When I put on the white Floral dress I was a bit disappointed because it covered a lot of my boobies and wasn’t flattering. So I reached for the scissors and cut the dress.

Cutting up the Perfect White summer dress

I picked up the scissors and opened up the chest of the dress. It looked cute until the threads developed a mind of their own. The threads just started to unravel. So there I was with a scissors in my hands and a dress that was slowly falling apart. Called my boyfriend to show him the dress developments. He didn’t want to say anything bad so he kept saying, it looks ok.. it is not THAT bad. But… Here we are, and I almost did not post this dress because I thought it just showed too much boob.

Boobs and the Floral white dress

We took so many images of this dress. And I thought I loved each and every one of the pictures. Just to feel very uncomfortable posting the White Maxi dress images online. We took roughly 150 pictures but the ones that didn’t show too much skin were a handful. I hope you guys enjoy these images though because we worked really hard in getting this images perfect for you guys.

Regret cutting this dress

I do not regret much. I take each mistake as a lesson and learn from it. While I do take this mistake as a lesson, I do regret cutting up this dress. The only good thing that came out of this is that I can still have the dress mended back. The biggest issue was wearing this dress around people. I became very aware of my surroundings and my boobs. Didn’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction.

Wearing this dress made me feel…

I wont lie. There is a sense of freedom and nonchalance that comes with wearing maxi dresses. You can sit however you like and you can wear flat shoes and still loo k stunning. The heels i wore with this dress are from ZARA and there are obviously kitten heels. Perfect for this type of fit. You can also wear the perfect white floral dress with flats ad get a Grecian look and feel kind of vibe. But this wasn’t that kind of day. Shop the Shoes HERE

Buy this dresses in South Africa

You can get a shorter version of this dress at YDE. You can get a similar white floral dress @ JAVING and another very similar dress HERE. And one dress i am looking at purchasing, because the one i am wearing is currently out of stock, is this one. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as i have enjoyed writing this post. I have already started posting More often. Please look forward to our next post. Tomorrow



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