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The perfect weight loss diet KETO breakfast ideas

Sometimes when one wants to start a weight loss journey, they can get confused on what to do and how to do it. So many questions. Should i go vegan? can i try KETO? What are Keto Breakfast ideas? Will this be the perfect weight loss diet or can i go Paleo? Mhhmmmm… maybe i should just simply starve myself to skinny. Or, i should eat every 6 Hours. Wait.. Will i gain weight if i start going to the gym? Will cardio help or retard my efforts. The questions do not stop. And mind you, these are questions from a person wanting to lose weight. A person wanting to gain weight has similar but different questions they ask and all of it can be overwhelming.

I think we all know by now that weight loss or weight gain is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people, me included. I absolutely hate it when someone i have not spoken to for months or someone i have not seen in years, all of a sudden has something to say about my appearance. My blood starts boiling. Who the f&*^ do you think you are, talking about my body when you don’t even know me. People have no right to talk or comment about a person appearance, especially if they do now know them. And even if you know them, don’t comment. PERIODT!!!

Its as if weight is a common conversation starter… But what does that say about us? Are we really that shallow that we cannot come up with varied topics when talking to a human being, other than their weight? hhhmmm… food for thought.

So, what is the perfect weight loss diet? Everyone is unique and different and everyone’s body runs differently. One specific diet is not and cannot be universal. I found, in the past, that the best way to look at weight loss is: what works for your body and what has worked for your body in the past.

KETO Breakfast ideas

I had been doing KETO for about a year when i realized that i was miserable at the time. I was always hungry and frustrated because i was limiting my food intake but not getting any results. I realized that my body doesn’t metabolize fat as efficiently as it metabolizes green leafy vegetables. And, looking to the past, i remember being able to lose weight in the past while eating absolutely, NO FAT. So, what made me think that THIS time it would work?

Let me tell you, as soon as that revelation hit me, i switched it up. I decided to stop eating as much fat and focus more on leafy greens. The weight slowly started coming off.

Change of Lifestyle vs Diets

The point i’m trying to make is that YOU have to find the diet best suited for you. You can hear this and that from the internet and your friends might suggest this and that. But ultimately, a diet is limiting what you already eat. But what’s even better than a diet, is changing your lifestyle. If it is important to you, you will do what needs to be done.

Anyway, so lets talk more about Keto Breakfast Ideas cause that is what i am on right no. I do eat high fat, but i limit dairy. I still eat eggs but i don’t eat them regularly. Eggs cause me a little bloating and pimple breakouts, so i just try to stay away from them.

The Perfect Weight loss diet for me

So, my typical breakfast includes tons of vegetables and either Cappuccino or Rooibos. For those of you that LOVE Cheese, cheese can and will keep you fuller throughout the day because it is a fat. For VEGANS, i recommend Avocados. Fun fact: i have conditioned myself to not eat a lot of carbs throughout the years. Its become a habit. And that’s why you will hardly see white, over processed starch on my plate. If i really have to, i will include oats in my breakfast and maybe some rice for dinner , but that is a rare occurrence.

I’m also not as stressed out as i used to be in regards to weight loss etc. and not stressing about it has cleared my brain and given me inner peace. I mean, regardless of how my body looks, it is still my body and i am not getting another one and i have to love it and give it the best nourishment everyday. I am a more happier person now that i do EAT and i don’t starve myself, at all because i eat a lot of the good stuff. Life is good with good food, but do everything in moderation.


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  1. My husband recently tried the ketogenic diet and it seems effective to him as he lost some weight already in just a few weeks.

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