I am not a fan of matching outfits but this peachy ensemble was a must! I saw the peach skirt in my wardrobe, grabbed the peach body suit and added the peachy sunnies with the pink and white Polo Bag. This peach outfit is perfect for Spring! Bring the Peaches!

Peach Skirt

The Peach skirt surprised me a little because when i first tried it on i realised that it comes with build in panties or short pants inside. This feature is very important because of the make of the Peach skirt! The Peach skirt has pleats, which makes any skirt that short easily blown by the wind to reveal underwear. Which I would have seriously hated!

Peach bodysuit

I bought this bodysuit many moons ago at The Fix. O never had a chance to wear it because the material was a bit too light for me. The peach bodysuit was so light that if worn without a bra, would reveal nipples. The bodysuit itself is also not that user friendly because the front part is not built with breast support so that makes the entire bodysuit not functional to wear. I chose to wear the Peach bodysuit with a pink bra because that was the only way the top would not become R Rated! LOL! But if you wear the bodysuit with a bra, the bra lines at the back will show, so wear the Secret U Plunge stick on strapless Bra. You can find THE FIX bodysuit online HERE!!

Denim Heels with Peachy Outfit!

Denim Heels are from ALDO! They are last season but you can find a pair HERE. ALDO shoes are comfortable to wear. Most of them, anyway! I remember wearing the same pair of shoes at the Sir John Mater class in 2018! I do not wear these shoes often, so maybe, that is why they have stayed gorgeous with no studs missing for so long! Really appreciate the quality

Stay Peachy!

It is easy to give up on life and allow the environment to dictate your daily mood but we have to remember that DAY comes in the Morning and the NIGHT will soon pass away! Troubles will come but we have to stay strong because troubles do not last forever! Actually, nothing lasts forever! For those that have made it until today and have overcome the depression and anxiety that comes with Ms Rona, you have the strength to overcome even more. Believe in yourself! Trust yourself! Stay Peachy!!


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