peach satin mini dress

Peach satin mini dress was really a mini bodycon

When you Google ‘peach satin mini dress’ you will find a plethora of mini dresses in different colours. That’s because the colour peach is derived from the peach fruit. According to, there are mainly six types of peaches. Yellow peaches, White peaches, Freestone peaches, Clingstone peaches, Donut peaches and Nectarines. The one thing these peaches have in common is the hue or colour red in varying degrees of saturation. So, that is why my definition of the colour peach might be slightly different to your definition of the colour peach.

The Peach satin mini dress am wearing is from Femmeluxe and you can purchase the dress HERE. On the Website it says that the dress is actually Pink, so i guess we will now refer to the dress as the pink satin mini dress. The reason why i immediately identified with the colour peach is because the pink on the dress is not as bright. It is also more of a nude pink and almost a burnt pink type. But, i promise you, it is the exact colour as on the Femmeluxe website.

The Pink satin bodycon Mini dress

I feel like bodycon dresses hug and shape the body. Well, first of all, i bought a size a bit too small so i had trouble getting into the dress. My brother, who was also my photographer on this day, had to zip me in the dress. Because the dress is already a mini dress, getting it to stay where it is supposed to, instead of running up my thighs, was a mission. One more thing, Satin doesn’t stretch but, the dress is well designed so it has space for the curves. As long as you get the perfect size. The dress also doesn’t have lining, which was a bit of a bummer for me, but i liked how it sat on my body.

Curvy girls and the Pink Satin dress

I love wearing stretch fabrics because they sit well on the curves. Wearing satin doesn’t hug the curves and to a large extent, you almost have to fit in the dress other than the dress fitting you. But being blessed with curves is a good thing. Never think your body is not good enough for these type of dresses. Rather, if the dress doesn’t fit you then the dress is not good enough for you. Get another dress.

There are many things i love about Femmeluxe. One of the many things i love about femmeluxe is their free returns on items that you don’t want or items that don’t fit. So, if the Peach Satin mini dress doesn’t fit properly, you can always return it or exchange it for a bigger size.

What to wear with the each dress

The shoes i’m wearing are from river Island and the Dress is obviously from FemmeLuxe. There are a couple of places i would wear this dress to but not in European winter. In Britain, it is best to find a pink or peach coat to wear when leaving the house and take it off at the club or wherever you guys are going, that has air-con or heaters.

Leaving the house with this dress on was a mission. First of all, the dress is Short, but i’m sure we all know that. Second of all. the dress is very light, Perfect for Summer! And, since i’ll be going back home to South Africa in a couple of days, i am going to enjoy wearing this dress in South African Summer! But, Wait! I don’t think i’ll be enjoying this Pink satin mini dress anytime soon because guys, it is REALLY SHORT. But, if you do not have thighs like mine and maybe yours are skinnier, this dress can be PERFECT for you. For me, it is too short! Lol i think i’ve said that a couple of times now! So, either ill have to order the bigger size or just lose weight or honestly give it away to a lucky reader.

Details of the peach satin mini dress

This whole time, i have been writing about the length of the dress, forgetting the other details of the dress. The Peach satin mini dress has an eclectic arm, neck accessory and a zip on the side. The puffy sleeve on the pink satin mini dress is awesome and gives the dress character and personality. I am pretty sure you now what i mean. Ever tried on a one sleeve dress and felt unique and sexy? No ma’am. Usually, the dress has something added to it to make it stand out. And to be fair, the puffy sleeve really drew me to the dress.

All in All the Peach satin mini dress is perfect if you purchase your size. I wear a size M/L Aka 12/14 and unfortunately, i picked a wrong size. Especially while knowing that the Satin dress did not stretch. Which was really unknown to me at the time.

Enjoy and happy 2020 from the Beliciousmuse Team and Thanks a Million to my loving and caring brother David. Much Love!!

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