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Between the two days we were there, there was one particular day Kagiso and I had to pinch ourselves to make sure we were truly awake in the middle of such marvellous and unforgettable architectural perfection and organic beauty. Being able to be around such an incredible atmosphere and breath in such amazing air and wear this beautiful, wonderful pastel green dress felt almost surreal. I felt like a modern-day princess with long hair, beige heels, and overwhelming happiness creeping in and invading my heart. It was breathtakingly magical. The sun was out, and it was warm and welcoming. These are the experiences I’m so grateful to live in and be part of. What gives me joy is the solidity of this day. The peace and calmness of these moments will live forever in me and on the internet and I can share with you all the fantasy of a beautiful fashion shoot. And, I can convey the feelings of how whole it made me feel, like a little girl describing the taste of ice cream on a hot day.


There is a light layer of seduction in the air at The Garden venue. Sweet, soft, feminine curves at almost every turn.  I’m in awe at how his place is able to seduce me. But what is my biggest kryptonite? For me it’s Perfume. That beautiful, head-turning, white collar shirt wearing, smart casual look style, bold masculine, beard complimenting Male fragrance. That is my kryptonite. I go weak in the knees. Ask me anything Dzaddy!!!

Ravishing Dishonour

I always felt like a man’s fragrance was one of the most important parts of the seductive game. Yes, there is a charm, chivalry and common decency but perfume is magical. It can not only become a conversation starter but it is also something that’s beyond what we see… its seduction of the nose.. The aura! And makes up a huge percentage of the allure. Our olfactive sense is stronger than you might think. It’s almost subliminal to a point, where it’s hypnotizing and unforgettable. Like a strong suit,  a warm strong bear hug, a sharp stature… a fragrance becomes the very extension of a person’s demeanour. And isn’t that so remarkable?

There’s no doubt that seduction brings us people together and forms the essence of human interaction whether based on romantic interest or simply the art of charming another person into being your friend.  Charm makes us feel more confident, and we become infused with godlike strength. It makes us want to take more risks, look better… And if a fragrance can generate that kind of emotion in us, then what’s even more interesting than that?

The Power of Fragrances

Fragrances have a direct link to the emotional and memory centres of our brains. They travel directly to them.  Other sensory sensations like the gift of sight take longer to process. That makes olfactory cues highly powerful. They have an instant effect on our memory, emotions and how we behave, how we form impressions, and our general well-being. That’s why being at the Garden venue and experiencing EVERYTHING was so important to me and I can’t get the weekend out of my head.

Quiet stares at my thighs in the Pastel dress

I love wearing short dresses. The power that comes with the freedom of showing what feels comfortable is unmatched. I have learned to accept that I will be looked at, stared at, talked about, and gossiped about by anyone that walks in my direction. I’m ok with it. It doesn’t bother me that much but that doesn’t mean that I don’t notice. Some people do it respectfully with the tact of an animal carefully waiting for it’s prey. But others will stop in their tracks and just look. It sometimes makes me very uncomfortable when they do that but I’m a professional. Then there are those wonderful people who stop and stare and start cheering me on, and although that gives me a massive boost of energy and confidence, it’s still a little embarrassing but so much better than the opposite.

Floral green pastel dress

Shooting the green pastel dress is something I will always look back on with a smile and bless Kagiso’s hands that are gifts from Heaven, and recognize what a privilege it is to be his friend.  Everything about the Garden Venue and the Green Pastel dress photoshoot is engraved in my memory as one of the few wonders of my life. Thank you, buddy, for the weekend, and thanks for these amazing optics.

Pretoria Photographers

If you are looking for a photographer based in Pretoria, look no further. Contact Kagiso Motlhamme on Instagram.

This has been a breeze to write. And I’m so full of joy. I’m sitting at Starbucks as I finish writing this Green Pastel dress blog post, drinking a Decaf Frappuccino, and eating a baked cheesecake. Please like, comment and share this piece from my heart to yours with LOVE.


Patel Green Dress Gallery

Bra: Woolworths

Dress: YDE shop the collection HERE. Exact dress might be out of Stock. Get similar dress HERE and HERE and SHEIN

Shoes: Lipsy London

Venue: The Garden Venue Hotel

Photographer: Kaygism

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  3. La Dolce Vita for sure! Glamour all around, I wish I were there too!

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