next paradise perfume review
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NEXT Paradise Perfume Review

When it comes to perfume, I am a bit of a scent whore. I can’t commit to only one perfume in a month or at a time. I need to have them all. Firstly, I feel different every morning after a shower so my perfume goes with whatever mood I’m in. When I’m feeling grumpy, I try to wear a perfume that can lift me out of my mood. When I’m happier, I wear a fun and flirty sunny, fruity or tropical perfume and when it’s a special occasion, I bring out the big guns. I try to wear the more seductive, lady like, not too strong scent. totally different to the Next Paradise Perfume.

The soft but seductive scents, the sweet but mild aromas are for date nights.  In a nut shell, im not a creature of habit, I don’t have a go to fragrance. But my go-to scents are fruity, citrus, floral, sweet and slightly harsher more powerful perfumes

Next creates  some of the most gorgeous perfumes and they are such a bargain. Next Paradise perfume is a light, fruity scent that is perfect for summer and spring. How gorgeous is the bottle thou?! So, bright and tropical. This 100 ml perfume only costs a mere R200.00, and the 200ml bottle is only about R400.00. You’ll be able to treat yourself to a beautiful  Summer perfume without spending a fortune.

Next Summer Perfumes are perfect for gifts because they usually come in a gift package. The Paradise Perfume lotion has a slightly lower scent than the perfume but the duo is a perfect combination of freshness and paradise.

Order yours here

If you are looking for a good gift to give to a loved one buying a next perfume is a good option. Some say cheaper perfumes don’t last, well… i’m guessing they have never stepped foot into NEXT uk, 


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