butt lift leggings
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Butt lift leggings and shaper are a woman’s prerogative

Wedding Bliss A couple of years ago at Slindile’s wedding, we stopped at a Woolies on our way to Durban, to shop some underwear. The underwear needed was butt lifters and stomach flatteners. Each one of her 4 bridesmaids had an area or body part they wanted to enhance or hide. For me it was …

Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair. Speculations, assumptions, and facts
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Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair?

Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair. Speculations, assumptions about the hairy peach and, facts I used to think that most men, if not all men, liked hairless cookies. The topic of intimacy between couples is such a taboo topic to talk about, that even educative conversations about it from parent to …

black beauty blogger, birthday balloons in bed

Birthday Balloons in bed wearing a lingerie nighty: Birthday 2021

Birthday Balloons in bed I already new, from early on in the year 2020 that I would not be going anywhere out of the country at the end of the year. I love to travel, when I can. But all the issues with the pandemic last year made travelling a highly hazardous activity. So I …

curaprox be you toothpaste

Curaprox BE YOU toothpaste review: 6 colourful Flavours

Curaprox BE YOU toothpaste The First toothpaste i ever bought for myself was a toothpaste that we used back home. I am not going to name the toothpaste because this post is about Curaprox BE YOU toothpaste and not the other brands. My choice for purchasing that branded toothpaste was heavily influenced by my family. …

his house netflix
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His House is an intense horror movie that raises the bar

His House His House on Netflix is a twisted, tragic, and amazing horror movie that follows the lives of a couple, running away from a land infested with war and seeking asylum in Britain. There are a couple of interesting pointers that make Netflix HIS HOUSE an amazing horror flick. The Cast, the storyline, the …

dragons dogma. dragon's dogma
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Dragons Dogma is tragically disappointing

Dragons Dogma is tragically disappointing. I am a huge fan of Animated series! They are easy to consume and most of them are funny! I also love watching Manga animations like Seven Deadly Sins, Beastars, Vampire Night and Akame ga Kill. While the above mentioned (Vampire Night and Akame ga Kill) usually end in tragedies, …

Strattons triple berry gin and fitch and leeds pink tonic
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Strattons Triple Berry Gin & Fitch and Leeds Pink tonic!

Name a better duo than Strettons Triple Berry Gin and Fitch and Leeds Pink Tonic, Ill wait. And the best part about this duo is that it can also be low-carb and delicious. The Fitch and Leeds Pink tonic comes in Sugar Free! So, for those on diets but still want to enjoy a little …

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Why Batiste Dry Shampoo matters and how to use it!

A simple girl that wanted simple things and got Batiste Dry Shampoo I remember a long time ago, before I knew anything about dry shampoos! It is true what they say, you learn thru travelling! The concept can be interpreted to, you learn thru opening your eyes and meeting new people. In my world, I …