13 Q&As on how Stan Ngwane turned a dream to reality

    Beliciousmuse: Hey Stan Ngwane. Are you ready? Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: Sure Beliciousmuse: What would you like people to call you. I call you Stan… And that will never change… But other people and clients? Stan Ngwane:  Just Stan, the suits tailor Beliciousmuse: What happened to Stank Hume? Stan Ngwane:  It is there, it’s the …

weight loss chicken recipes

6 Chicken Recipes for Weight loss you MUST try this weekend

    6 Chicken Recipes. No 1 is Spinach And Chicken Pasta Serves 41 Serve = 2 CC+ 1 Veg + 2 Protein + ½ Milk + 1 FatBest Choice Recipe Prep: 20 min: Cook: 20 min ​200g spinach200g baby marrow 800g chicken, light meat, no skin or bone, raw weight160g pasta, raw weight1 chilli10ml olive oil90g (2 tsp) olives100ml …

Mdu Khathamzi, Pretoria Photographer, Best South African Photographer, Beatrice Thandi Banda, Beliciousmuse

15 ways Mdu Khathamzi, best South African Photographer elevates photography

    Mduduzi Khathamzi or better now as Mdu Khathamzi is a creative visual storyteller based in Pretoria. If you are looking for a good photographer in Pretoria, one that always understands the assignment, Mdu is your man. He is a perfectionist and pays attention to the smallest details.  Mdu and I did a young photo shoot …

marc jacobs daisy love review

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Review

    Marc Jacobs and designer fragrances are a great Duo.  The Perfume Daisies symbolize innocence and purity and light-hearted-ness.  I am obsessed with floral perfumes and if florals are your thing, you should not forget to add this Springy fragrance by Marc Jacobs called Daisy Love. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is addictive and irresistible. Daisy Love …

Mpho Nkadimeng Artist
Fashion, Lifestyle

Think Mpho Nkadimeng the Artist Is Too Good to Be True? These 14 Q&As prove he is all that and more

    I had a brief chat with an Amazing Artist by the name of Mpho Nkadimeng. I have known him for a while now, but I felt like I really got to know him just a little bit better after this interview. His art, as seen on Instagram, is powerful and I feel connected to it. …

Thupetse Lephoto, Conflicted Art, T. Lephoto, Pretoria Photographer
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15 Inspiring facts about Pretoria Photographer Thupetse Lephoto, founder of Conflicted Art Photography

    I got to have a chat with Thupetse Lephoto, founder and owner of Conflicted Art Photography. He is a Photographer based in Pretoria , Tshwane and he is a close friend of mine. And here is how our conversation went. Beliciousmuse: Mr Thupetse Lephoto, are u ready? Thupetse Lephoto: Yep Beliciousmuse: Ok… Sooo… How was …

Ariana Grande got married

Ariana Grande gets married ❤️

    They got married, Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, now husband got married over the weekend. The Celebrity Wedding had a tiny and intimate wedding with less than 20 people. Something I wish more people can adopt. Weddings do not need to have more than 100 guests. The couple and both families couldn’t be happier. Ariana announced …

i am all girls Netflix film
Movies and Series Review

I am ALL GIRLS: an Outstanding Netflix Original film.

    Hlubi Mboya in I am all girls is perfection. Netflix suggested I am all girls Film to me this morning. I watched the Netflix clip first before choosing to watch the I am all girls Movie fully. I thought it would be interesting to listen to the dialogue in the background while I cleaned my …

chuegy gen z millenials

8 Cheugy fashion /lifestyle elements to avoid according Gen Z

    Cheugy is a word that is apparently being used by Gen Z to describe Millennials who are a bit off trend, outdated, not wanting to be left behind and perhaps not as cool as they think they are. Does your fashion style or lifestyle scream Cheugy? Here are 9 ways to find out what’s Cheugy …

Orange sweat pants and matching top

Foschini Orange Sweatpants are cute winter MUST haves

    8 Reasons Foschini Orange Sweatpants are cute winter MUST haves After spending a year in a Panoramic, I have accepted that sweats, Foschini orange sweatpants, and anything that looks and feels comfortable is my go-to functional wear. Sweats are not just for the gym anymore and these Orange Sweatpants, although they could have been worn …

Tempel wines, Tempel Wine


    DISCOVER SA’S HIDDEN WINE GEM, TEMPEL WINES! Tempel Wines, where the grapes do the talking! –  Despite the well-publicized challenges the local industry faces and arguably the most impacted wine industry in the world by Covid-19, South Africa continues to make the best wines in its history. Tempel Wines is proof in a bottle that local is lekker with their wine range tale.  “Every winery has a …

bonang matheba slayed 2021

12 Times Bonang Matheba slayed 2021 and its only April

    Bonang Matheba slayed 2021 and its only April. If you ever get the opportunity to look for Bonang Matheba in the dictionary, you will find her name along side this description; Bonang Matheba_ noun_ a person or thing that is very well known as being highly fashionable. Bonang has a very remarkable fashion sense, and she …

Dead places netflix series review
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Dead Places Series Review: Episode 5 and Ending explained

    It’s been a while since we have posted a movie, or a series review here on the blog. I try not to post or review a movie or series just because a new flick is out. If that was the case, we would only be posting reviews here and that is not what this blog …

Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume
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3 Romantic stories inspired by Michael Kors Wonderlust Perfume

    Story 1:The Barista Michael Kors Wonderlust Perfume Part 1: I recently walked into a Starbucks I am a regular at.  As a regular customer I get to ‘make friends’ or ‘be familiar’ with some of the baristas. I walked in Starbucks, picked a table, put my bag down on the chair and walked over to …