Lime mini dress

Felt Pretty in a Lime mini dress regardless of Cellulite

    Lime lace trim Dress Lime Mini dress: It’s Four Thirty on a Tuesday afternoon. I have just finished working at my day job and came straight to Starbucks to upload this blog. These images have been ready for a while now. It is the text that was missing. I could upload the images the way …

 Paco Raban Olympea Blossom
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Olympea Blossom: Smelling good is a love language

    Smelling good is my love language to you: Paco Raban OLYMPEA BLOSSOM Paco Raban OLYMPEA BLOSSOM: I love perfumes. I’m sure most of you are fully aware of that fact. But I think what makes me love perfumes so much is how the perfume affects everyone else around me. Because if we are talking real …

CROP tops, the shocking truth

Are Crop tops inappropriate? The shocking truth

    Are crop tops Inappropriate? Crop tops are a popular fashion option amongst young women. A lot of women like being skinny, having a flat tummy, and showing the flat tummy off. But crop tops are not just for skinny, slender women. Crop tops are for whoever is interested in wearing crop tops. The issue arises …

krone Sparkling Wine
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Krone Sparkling Wine: Tales of Romance or Madness

I can’t remember how many times I have felt that I was in love with a person after a couple of drinks of Sparkling Wine, Krone Sparkling Wine!  Just to wake up the next morning and remember all the embarrassing things I said and the countless ‘I love you’ I professed to either a total stranger or a guy I was barely seeing. The thought of the previous night too deep to comprehend with the sunny sun seeping through a window as I cover my head with my duvet and pray I forget the previous night.


Kendall and Kylie take on Edgars South Africa

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner take on South Africa When it comes to opportunities, I have been lucky and blessed as a black curvy girl growing up and living in South Africa to be given so many. There have been many ups and many downs ever since launching a couple of years ago. But the …

flawless by Gabrielle union launch South Africa
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Flawless by Gabrielle Union in a white bodycon dress and the thickness of my thighs

    Flawless by Gabrielle Union in a white bodycon dress and the thickness of my thighs I got invited to the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Launch in Johannesburg, so I went shopping before reading about the theme. There I was buying colourful dresses at Foschini to realise hours later that the theme is Champagne, Baby blue …


The Edgars Collab ZA event in Orange floral backless summer dress

    The Edgars Collab ZA event Sandton City We had such fun at the Edgars Collab ZA Pop-Up event last night at Sandton City that we did not want to leave. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the drinks cold and the food filling. I had the fantastic opportunity of being at the event with my …


an impressive Forever New short floral Dress sneak peak

    Finding this Short Floral dress with long sleeves from Forever New has been exciting. I have been looking for something like this for months.  I love wearing florals, but I also love showing off my legs. This combination is perfect for me. Forever New short floral Dresses are a must have. The fabric is luxurious, …