Oscars 2021 Best Dressed

Oscars 2021 Best Dressed

Oscars 2021 Best Dressed

The celebrities dressed to impress for the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday! Angela Bassett wore one of the most stunning and intricate red dresses with a huge Bow at the back. She Looked amazing and her Makeup was on point with her eyeshadow a direct opposite color to her dress. The ladies looked so well put together in gorgeous ball gowns and the men wore dapper suits. We will not be breaking down each and every dress worn on the red carpet but we will be sharing with you guys some of the most stunning and eye catching pieces on the red carpet.

From all that has happened during the year, its refreshing seeing the world start to settle down from the frantic year we all have had because of The Panorama. Our Best Dressed star this evening is surely the King Herself, Regina in a beautiful light-royal-baby blue gown with gold embroidery and detail. Such a masterpiece

And evening to remember .

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