Orapeleng Modutles’ work is a master piece of elegance and grandeur,

In 2016 emerged one of winter’s coolest stories. The story of Orapeleng Modutle. The story, I would imagine, in my mind begins at a very dark place but slowly and smoothly transitions into a warm and colorful spring. The sun is out, the girls are happy and the clothes are popping.

The transformation is not like a butterfly. Where the ugly caterpillar morphs into what its meant to be. No!  The change is more like a young woman moving into adulthood and eventually to maturity. The change is evident from the colors used to the final spectrum of tone resting between beige and pure white. It’s a site to see and a something to stare at.

Waight Keller from Chloe once said: “There’s such a fast pace to fashion now; I think we’ve lost the innocence of the spirit of fashion and the youthful optimism that it portrays. And I think there’s something quite joyful about fashion that’s been missing.” Well, say no more Waight Keller, cause we have found it. It is Orapeleng Modutle , and his fashion collection is  jovial and the youthful optimisms is definitely still there.

South African Fashion is a bit different to fashion in or from another country. We are not as obsessed, Neither are we too obsessed. It’s a perfect balance. But when something is good, like these summer designer dresses, then it’s damn good. All props to those that provide us with youthful garments filled with light, hope, sassiness and overall African-ism.

Now let’s talk briefly about this incredible fashion line. The black two piece swimsuit is so bae!!! As girls, some of us don’t have ‘perfect abs’ but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go out swimming in a bikini and, only wear onzies if we do. It just means that high waist, for now, is the way to go.

The smooth transition in the more nude colors is giving me all sorts of life. The perfect summer designer dresses to wear to a wedding, a high tea party or just an awesome nigh event. COME ON PERFECTION!!!!


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