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Orange party dress and lunch time traffic in a mini

Taking pics of the Orange party dress was difficult

I asked Mpho to take pictures of me in the Orange Party Dress. When I initially asked him to take pictures of the outfit I didn’t anticipate what happened next. Ok, So its 1PM in the warm afternoon. I’m not wearing the Orange dress yet because I have a day job and I can’t go anywhere during the day with such a short orange bodycon dress. And by ‘ go anywhere’ I mean to work meetings etc. So, I’m currently wearing navy blue long formal pants, a light blue blouse and a navy blue tailored blazer. The Orange party dress is in the car, in the boot.

The best thing to do to save time is to change in the car. I meet Mpho near a shop in the mall and we make our way to the car. When we get to the car I go in, sit at the back seat and change my outfit. Thank God for tinted windows or the outfit change was going to be rated R or I was going to jail for public indecency. I quickly put on the Orange Party dress, which doesn’t really need a bra because the fabric of the dress is cinching. It is a bodycon party dress after all and the colour is perfect for Summer.

The Orange Bodycon dress

I think I’ve said this before but if I have not, let me say it again. When FemmeLuxe says that the dress you are about to purchase is a mini dress, believe them. Getting in the one shoulder Orange Body con dress was a bit easy. Even though I got dressed at the back seat of my car, slip bodycon dresses are easy to wear. My ass staying in the Orange Bodycon mini dress on the other hand, was another thing. I kept having to pull the dress down almost every 5 seconds. Oh my God it was Exhausting. I kept telling myself, ‘you should have bought the larger size dress’ but, I don’t think that would have helped! My bum is the problem.

 Well, between overwhelming regret at not buying the dress that was a size bigger, I also felt like I should have just ordered midi dresses from FemmeLuxe, other than mini dresses.

Reviewing the Femmeluxe Mini dress

On our way to take pictures of the dress, I kept getting awkward stares from ladies, as if I had a third breast growing on my chest or something. To be fair, I was also uncomfortable, but I made it work. What’s nice about the Orange party dress is the fact that this dress has detail. The side detail and the one arm nature of the dress is beautiful. It actually makes the dress pop. Without the side detail, the dress transforms into a normal looking, boring dress.

The Orange party dress stretches, but it does not have enough ‘elastic’ at the bottom to make it stay on the thighs and not run up. There are shorter dresses I’ve worn in my life but exposing my buttocks in any of them has never happened. By saying all that, I know that FemmeLuxe can be a bit intimidating so Femme Dresses are for the bold and daring.

Guys, even tying my Heels buckle was a problem lol. Femmeluxe dresses are not bad. The issue is knowing your body type and know what kind of dresses are going to look good on you. I know my body type and I know my body shape so it bothers me that I was so naïve in choosing dresses for my body shape. But, since I’m reviewing the dresses for you guys, I am glad I can give you guys some insight on what can happen and what can go wrong if the correct information is not taken into consideration, in terms of body type, dress type and dress size when purchasing dresses.

Shooting the Orange bodycon dress with side detail

Imagine this – its lunch time and its very busy and here you are in an orange, short mini dress in the middle of the day. Lol the things I do for you guys is are ‘INSANE’. Normally, actually, 99 percent of the time I wear miniskirts only at night. It’s easier and nobody sees your stretch marks and cellulite. So this was daring and very risqué. Once it was done, I was very happy I could wear what I had initially put on when I left the house for work that morning. Once I had put that on, I felt a little bit more relaxed and carried on with my day.

The art of blogging

I love images, I love giving my opinion when it comes to fashion and beauty and I love showing you guys how dresses look on me, especially because I do not have the typical model look. I have thicker thighs and I am blessed at the back. So, sometimes seeing clothes on just skinny women is cool but having different views of the dress on different body types can give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision in regards to whether to purchase a dress or not.

Hope this helps. Purchase the Livia dress HERE and cop the Shoes from Next HERE.



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