orange metallic glitter bodycon dress

Orange metallic glitter bodycon dress in the rain

I live to wear short dresses that accentuate my legs. I don’t wear mini dresses often because my mother sometimes reads and views my blog. As old as i am, she still tells me to put some clothes on even if i am showing a little bit of lower thigh. She claims that if i don’t cover up, the man of my dreams might be turned off by seeing my ‘exposed thighs ‘ on social media. Lol, i always tell her that the ‘man of my dreams’ will be attracted to me because of what he will see on social media, as we are moving towards that type of dating 2020 going forward. That being said, the metallic glitter bodycon dress is perfect for holiday wear, especially new years eve and many more parties in the near future.

Malica featuring in my Orange metallic bodycon dress shots

We took these images on the same day as the nude bodycon dress. As you can see that her outfit has not changed. Shame, poor girl just wanted to hang out with Uncle and Aunty and off we went. The down side of going out around 2PM to take optics in winter, is that you never know when it will start raining. And, low and behold,it started raining!!! My brother and i could have gone on and one to get the ‘perfect’ shot, but my niece was getting rained on. And i couldn’t have her getting sick on my watch.

Shooting in the Rain

You can see in some of the images, the drops of rain on my face. Lucky for me, i brought flat shoes, which can be seen in one or two pics. (How did that happen). Anyway, we quickly started off , back to the house, and it started to pour. At some point we took turns carrying her and whisking her through traffic lights. Yep, i said traffic lights. hahahah HERE in England that’s what they call them. Back home i call them ROBOTS, but, when in Rome.

Orange metallic glitter bodycon dress and how it survived in the rain

So, i should have picked a size smaller on FemmeLuxe But i picked the Large. The Large size dress sat well, but it wasn’t tight enough and, it kept running up my thighs. The dress kept going up while carrying my niece. If it wasn’t for the tights/ shape wear i was wearing inside, my whole woo-haa would have been exposed. lol, Its a cute dress thou, don’t lie!

Oh, and i could have totally worn this dress without the bra but i had limited changing space from the previous outfit and, my brother took these images so…

My love for fashion and words

All in All, i’m really happy i’m back here and i’m writing again. I really missed this. I feel like, in Pretoria i wasn’t inspired. Maybe i was inspired but, living alone can take a whole lot out of a person. I feel happier when i’m with family. Lol i know pretty soon my mother will start complaining i’m finishing her food and maybe that is why its always nice to see them in small doses. I’m pretty sure i would be happier with more family around. My family in South Africa is a super star and to be honest, she is one if the hardest working women i know in the entertainment industry. Love her thou and its always nice to catch up and be together during holidays.

Cherish family and the time you get to spend with one another. You never know if that time will be the last time.


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