orange jacket denim shorts

Life is Short: wear the shorts with the orange jacket

He said, its too cold to wear those shorts, so i put on a blazer! I believe that the only people that can tell you what do to are those that raised you. That being said, you as an adult can suggest to another adult what to wear but telling another adult what to wear is a no-go. The only people you can tell what to wear are your kids those that ask for advice on clothing. But, in his defence, he was only just looking out for me and didn’t want me to catch a cold. I could have changed and worn different pants but where is the fun in that? So i put on the orange jacket and kept the denim shorts

The Orange jacket denim shorts shoot

FIY: I did not wear this outfit when i left my place. I changed into this outfit in the backseat of my car. I love showing off my legs but this orange jacket denim shorts look was purely for a shoot. Everytime i wear short shorts outside i get stares and whistles and oooooosss and aaahhhhhs. It can get a bit too much!

Unwanted attention from exposing my legs

The attention I get with these short shorts is uncomfortable. Men wanna grab and women shield their guys as if they are shielding young children from some Rated R movie. But should i stop wearing what i like because it makes YOU uncomfortable? And should i dress up because YOU have kids? Mind you, kids that i have never met, that might get influenced by my dress code? Nope! Why are you putting pressure on me in how your kids turn out? You should teach them better so that when they come to social media or leave the house, they are not easily ‘influenced’.

But to avoid the dramatic and for the sake of getting the shoot done i wore a trench coat until we got to location. We quickly did the shoot and went home.

Appreciating my skin self love

Self love to me means having a high regard for your own well-being and present and future happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to make others happy. People generally think that only those girls with smaller thighs should or are allowed to wear short shorts. I say to hell-no to that!

Mdu Takes great Pictures

Mdu was the photographer on this day and it was so much fun working with him. The team did such a great job including protecting me from all the perverts.

My love for colour and the orange coat

Colour brightens up my mood. When i wear colour, like this bright orange jacket, i feel sunny, happy and whimsical. Not only will wearing color brighten your mood, but it will also brighten the world around you. You’ll be surprised by how many people will smile simply because of your colorful outfit. In my case people where smiling also because of my thick thighs.

Cellulite in denim shorts

I know i have stretch marks and, i have cellulite that we have lightly edited in some of these pictures. I’ll edit the ‘imperfections’ for you guys but when you see me in person im cellulite city.

Actually, my cellulite has decreased over the last few months. I have been using the elancyl products that help remove cellulite. Read more about Elancyl HERE! My advice will always be, if you can change it, change it, if you cannot change it accept it, love it and move on. Life is too short to dwell on the things we cannot change.

Shop my orange bright outfit but the legs are not for sale

Jacket: I bought this one from Next but you can find a similar orange jacket from the Fix HERE. I found a double breasted one from Aliexpress. The top is from H&M, shorts are ZARA and the shoes are DUNE but got them from John Lewis currently out of stock but get similar ones in Europe HERE and shop in South Africa HERE and HERE!


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