Deeply Pigmented orange eye shadow goes very well with deeply pigmented orange lipsticks, this one is MAC from the collaboration they did with Mylie Cyrus. When I first bought the Viva Glam Lipstick I wasn’t too sure if I’d ever wear it. To be totally honest, Orange is not a color that can ‘just’ be worn. If you can pull it off, then good for you but in my opinion, orange/ coral lipstick for dark skin or light skin girls, is a color that works best when wearing either some foundation or a full face of makeup. Coral, as some call it, is a tricky color but on African-American deep brow women it stands out.

But before color is added to the skin, before all the magic happens, skin has to look good.  What use is makeup if all it does is cover? Well, makeup is supposed to just cover but other makeup cosmetics actually enhance the skin and almost help it. The Yardley foundation, Air-brush or Stay-fast, have high SPFs, between 20 and 25. This assists in not getting sun burnt when in the sun, looking fabulous. But as I said, makeup doesn’t really help the skin, it covers. It covers so much I’m happy you can’t see the breakouts that happened this week and the dark spots these break outs left, which I’m still working on by the way. So here are a few tips on what you can do to get smoother, better looking skin before making it pop with Coral eye shadows, lipsticks, orange or whatever lipsticks or eye shadows you like.

  1. Preparing the skin for makeup is vital. The first step I do when applying makeup is prime. I either use MAC prep and prime spray or the Yardley primer. Decreases pours and just rejuvenates the skin so it doesn’t look dull and bothered.
  2. I haven’t exfoliated in a while, maybe that’s why my skin is breaking. Exfoliating is very important. Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. You will thank me later.
  3. For deep cleansing, use a mask at least 2 times week. I see a lot of African American beauty bloggers LIVE in masks. I used to wonder why until I saw the results. Their skin looks perfect.
  4. Pick moisturizers that work with your skin and style. I use a two in one; I use sunscreen with moisturizers, It’s the IQ moisturizer with Gelatin and spf 30.

Now for the magic

After all these above steps have been taken and you have applied your foundation etc. IF you want to recreate this (orange eye shadow) look , use a brown or nude, close as skin color to the skin color as possible and apply it above the fold of your eye, this just helps with making eye makeup look more coherent. More together. Once the top part of the eye has been done magic on, take the coral/ orange eye shadow and apply it all over your lid. Be careful not to go overboard. Then use a black eye liner for the cat eye, and then apply mascara.

For the cheeks. Because the eyes are very bright, use a warm orange brown tone for your blush, apply I a little lower down the cheek than usual.

For the lips, use a purple lip liner first then fill in the rest of the lip with Mylie Cyrus viva glam matte lipstick.

And that’s it.

Please share and help another sister out.


Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics

Blush: Black Opal

Orange Eye Shadow: Dischem

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