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Olympea Paco Rabanne Perfume and scent review

I remember being being mesmerized by the Paco Rabanne Olympea Perfume on Television. The ad was starring some gorgeous Yara Shahidi looking. Tall Caucasian model. And she simply sold it to me. Together with the Lyrics of Kanye West – Power.

When i watched the Song Power by Kanye West, i remember some cold shivers running down my spine and seeing goosebumps on my arms. I can not say if the goosebumps were from the air conditioning in Starbucks Brooklyn mall or from the actual Kanye West Video i was watching. But what i am really sure of though, is that i get ‘taken’ by gorgeous and moving art and Kanye West Power is one of those moving, inspiring and visually appealing songs out there.

So, when i then looked at the Paco Rabanne Ad on YouTube, i remember nodding my head and saying to myself, yep… this song was the perfect song to use in this Paco Rabanne Olympea advert.

Kanye West Power

Kanye West power visuals are electric. The visuals are a sure reminder of who is he or who he was at the time of the songs release and afterwards. The fact that Kanye West can make a video of him just chilling and looking at a green screen is insane. Or of him in front of a green screen and the video still manages to accrue more than 100 million views in its lifetime. That fact alone says a lot about the artist. Kanye West is a genius. And Paco Rabanne using Power in the ads for Olympea was an even bigger ingenious idea from the Perfume Company.

Paco Rabanne Olympea

Olympea smells as intoxicating as it Looks. It also smells as arousing as it is portrayed in all its ads on Television, YouTube and all social media. The scent is powerful, heavenly and very feminine. Wearing Paco Rabanne Olympea can and will make you feel fresh and unstoppable. It is the perfect perfume to give to a girl as a gift if she is into flowers, vanilla and soft baby like powder.

The main Accords consists of Vanilla, Wood, Salt and white flowers. It starts off strong then settles into a day to night time scent. This scent is for the most part floral. The Jasmine is the loudest and the other notes are almost like features. But to add to clarity, the Woody smell is very cashmere. While the Vanilla smell brings on the Femininity.

Paco Raban Olympea

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