Nothing feels as good as acceptance of who are; your body and your mind. When you truly accept yourself you can bare yourself naked and bask in your glory. At that moment you lie next to truth, to happiness, to everlasting peace.

When you ask yourself deep questions and when you respond with honesty you start shedding darkness and slowly come into the light. You allow yourself to change bad situations and accept things you cannot change. You start to grow, to reach higher, to be better and it continues.

Nothing feels as good as being naked in front of yourself and loving what you see. Every inch, every hair, every curve. Nothing is as romantic as when someone else accepts your  nudity. Appreciates every curves, every flaw, everything about you. Without hiding you bare ALL. Just you and your birthday suit in Chocolate,  Vanilla or Caramel coats.

He looked up and gazed at the magnificent form wrapped  in white sheets on his bed positioned next to the  window with blowing curtains pushed by the light breeze.

He couldn’t see anything wrong with her. She was herself everyday to him. Nothing in her appeared fake. A dream is what he thought she arose from because the reality seemed so unreal.

She looked like she had no makeup on but he knew all women put on makeup, he just couldn’t put a finger on what it was about her face that appeared so perfect. ( as natural as she presented herself to him, bare, vulnerable,  soft,  sometimes strong). He wanted to ask her the previous night but didn’t know where to start… so he kept gazing in awe and admiration at her peachy cinnamon self even in the morning because she looked… and he couldn’t find the words.

She could feel his gaze on her body and could almost smell his gratitude. If only he new , she thought as she recalled his confused, perplexed romantic face last night, that I’m not completely naked. Im wearing PERSISTENCE 🙂

She was very proud of herself because she finally found the perfect nude for her skin tone. She then woke up slightly as she felt his mouth on her cheek.  She smiled and gave a romantic gaze as he turned around and walked back to his chair to continue reading, then he watched her turn her back towards him and carried on with her beauty sleep.


South African ( SA ) Beauty blogger wears

Lipstick : Nude Lip shade from Mac Cosmetics for darker, richer skin tones. You should try it. You might love it :-). The name is Persistence. SHOP THE LOOK HERE;


I ❤ IT.


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  1. Now that you are talking about lipstick, I might as well ask you; How do I buy lipstick for my girl? Please don’t tell me to ask the girl at the counter, I need to master the art

    1. Hi Sammy… I’m happy to help.

      Try MAC Lipstick in Coconutty, MAC Lustreglass in Trance Plant, Mac Lipstick in Hug Me if she is dark skin and likes neutral nude makeup /lipstick.

      Try MAC Lipstick in Fresh Brew, MAC Lipstick in Siss, MAC Lipstick in Stay in Touch, MAC Lipstick in Touch if she’s light/ caramel.

      If she likes bright Lipstick I bet she will Love Mac RubyWoo ?.

      And if it’s a bit too much you can hire me for the day and I can Help you choose a lipstick for your girl 🙂

  2. Thanks,
    If non of them work, you are hired…

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