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The nude Bodycon dress and my first week in England

This Nude midi dress is absolutely Everything! I got this dress delivered to my mom’s place in England way before I touched down Heathrow Airport. I got this dress delivered to her house because I had done a ‘purchase’ previously, to ship to South Africa but unlucky for me, the clothes never got to me once they entered the country. Someone stole the package!!!  It had been a little more than a month since I had requested the nude bodycon dress / midi beige dress and I had to give up on it ever reaching me.

Luckily, I had planned to visit my mom a month earlier so it just made sense for the nude midi dress to be delivered to my holiday destination, cold England. When I finally got to my mom’s house and could try on the dresses, I fell madly in love with my selection. The delivery package included three more extra dresses. One gold orange party dress, one burnt orange dress midi dress and a sparkly black bodycon party dress. Which I will upload in the following posts.

The Nude bodycon dress

I love this nude bodycon dress because it is very good quality and it has lining that helps shape your body once you are in it. I also like that it is very long so I can also wear it to work with work wear accessories and look posh. I love camel toned clothes because they have a tendency of making one look rich. The Camel bodycon dress is heavenly because camel tones complement different skin tones and they are easy to mix, match and accessories. Especially with gold earrings and neck-pieces, and let’s not forget the rings.

Kim Kardashian minimalistic style inspiration

You may hate or love her but Kim Kardashian style has inspired a lot of fashion throughout the years. Her Style is minimalistic but expensive. She is not flashy, anymore, and she always looks comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt. How she manages to look that flawless all the time in simple track pants is amazing. If I tried it, it would totally look random and simple. The key to looking that gorgeous in sweats could be the heels she wears with the ensemble or her blemish free, clear skin and confidence. Regardless, from all of Kim Kardashian’s style, I tend to gravitate towards her more simple and elegant nude bodycon dresses. Kim Kardashian’s camel bodycon dress is a vibe and a mood.

The Long Camel toned bodycon Dress

I love nude bodycon dresses. I used to love very bright dresses and I will still wear a bright solid or bright floral dress if I want to but, lately my dress sense and choice has gravitated towards more muted, nude colours. If you look closely at the images, you will see my pink nude nails and somewhat pink nude lipstick. I like it. I don’t feel weird about it, I don’t feel like I am being left out of a movement, I just feel content. I think I’m growing.

The Nude midi bodycon dress photoshoot story

I was babysitting my niece and it was cloudy. And it didn’t help that the sun would play hide and seek and choose when and where to shine. The sun comes and goes on and off for about 6 hours during the day here. Gosh, English winters are torturous. The rest of the 16 hours, it is total darkness. Pitch black, cold night.  But we had to do the shoot and since I was babysitting, my brother and I took my niece along.

 These images were taken at Victoria Park and it was freezing. I do however like how the pictures came out. They look pretty, especially the merging of the camel bodycon dress and background. My brother took these images for me and my oh my he is so talented. I thought I was going to struggle to get anyone to commit to assisting me with images and, even if I got someone professional, these kinds of shots are haphazard and whimsical. Thank God my brother is really good at this. It’s more fun doing these shoots when we both feel like it, other than on a professional photographer’s schedule.

The camel bodycon dress from FemmeLux

The camel midi dress from FemmeLux is available to purchase HERE. So, some of you might ask, why I have been silent for some time ever since I landed in Britain but the answer is simple. It was a stupid mistake and it cost me a lot.

What had happened was, I mistakenly deleted my website of the internet. Yet, Before I deleted it, it asked me if I am sure and I said yes. Immediately after the action was taken, I realized my mistake. I thought I was resetting to original setting but no, I was deleting it. Safe to say that beliciousmuse is currently up and running and I will be sharing a lot more content with you soon. The content I’m looking at sharing will from now on be my personal experience about fashion, lifestyle and beauty.


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