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12 Nomzamo Mbatha Style dresses of 2019

Nomzamo Nxumalo Mbatha, known to many as Nomzamo Mbatha, is one of South Africa’s most adored and most successful actress. She is also a television personality, businesswoman and human rights activist. She is a style icon, appearing in countless magazines including the Marie Claire Naked issue, True Love, Glamour and multiple times on Cosmopolitan South Africa. Nomzamo Mbatha Style shines in everything that she does and on every cover she touches. Her brand is simple, where ever she goes she brings Africa along and we love it here at Beliciousmuse.

A Zulu Queen

One can never get bored looking at THIS QUEEN, she brings the heat EVERY TIME. I do not think there was ever a time Nomzamo stepped outside or took a picture for her fans to see, that had something missing or it was horrible or bad. Nomzamo Mbatha’s style is unique, eclectic and very centered.

I personally fell in love with Ms. Mbatha when I was heavily captivated by the SABC African drama series ISIBAYA.  The scenes that made me fall deeply in love with her character were the scenes where she would speak to her Husband in a comma. Those visuals made Nomzamo Mbatha stand out for me, in a special way. You can fall in love with characters but being invested in a fictional character in such a way, takes skills from the Actor or Actress. Nomzamo was so believable, and their love story so unique, honest and true.

An Actress of note

From ISIBAYA, I looked at Nomzamo from a different perspective, with respect and happiness. How possible it was for a human being to be this talented and humble at the same time. And what makes Nomzamo so unique in her craft is that she doesn’t allow her beauty to over shadow her character or the person she is playing. Nomzamo is Gorgeous but when she plays a psychopath or a hopeless romantic, you stop seeing how beautiful she is and just enjoy the portrayal of her character in action.

Nomzamo Mbatha Style

Nomzamo dresses however she likes and however she wants. She can bring the sexy, then tone it down with class. She wears business formal so stylishly its ridiculous! She sickening: her style, her fashion sense and her Style intuition – All unworldly. She is Queen.

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