slay your face using only two concealers, no foundation
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How to use concealers as foundation


Use concealers as foundation: I’ve been using Makeup since I turned 18, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve grown up not being a fan of makeup because people used to discourage me using makeup because, in their opinion, makeup, after a while, makes the skin look bad. I will not agree or disagree on that because I know that the skin looks way better when it is left to breath and when it is nourished. Some makeup brands actually provide the skin the all the minerals that it needs. Some makeup brands include sunscreen in their products and some include a plethora of vitamins. So in my opinion, makeup will make you look bad, in the long run, if you buy the wrong kind and type of makeup that isn’t good for your skin. To add to that, everybody skin reacts differently to anything, food, water etc. and the same applies to makeup.

Because I didn’t grow up with the love of makeup and slaying my face but slowly warmed up to it as I grew, I am not a fan of putting on too much makeup anyway. I’m a minimalist when it comes to how my face shines and flourishes. When you check out my YouTube videos, you will realize that I hardly put on false eyelashes, it’s not that I don’t want; it’s just that I forget LOL. But I do love falsies and how I look wearing them. If you want to see me in falsies click HERE and for future images SUBRSCRIBE TO my YouTube channel.

There are so many kinds of foundations that before you purchase anything to slay your face; you should know what your skin needs. Most popular foundations are matte, satin finish, SPF, light weight and full coverage foundations just to name a few. Then there are concealers, used to cover up imperfections which the foundation might have missed or which the foundation will miss, depending on your makeup routine. Concealers are usually used for high full glam looks but always in collaboration with foundations. But then again, there are many types and kinds of concealers too. You see where I am going with this?

There’s a few types of dark spots on your skin; either brownish or darkest one. You can’t cover the darkest spot with your foundation. It is impossible and you’ll definitely look like a ghost. Please don’t try. Same goes to the acne prone skin, dark circles, and puffy eye bags. You have to cover it without creasing. Thus, you need a concealer. After that, apply foundation to balance the concealed and unconcealed skin.

So, to kill two birds with one stone, cover the whole face with concealers, blend and set with powders. This is really a time saving trick but remember, the concealers should have a foundation look and feel and the perfect ones, with that kind of texture are from LA Girl Cosmetics. Love them!! I do understand that not all concealers come in a tube; some come in a dip and some come in the packaging of lip colors. So use your discretion.

What I love most about LA Girl Cosmetics concealers is that they give FULL coverage, like, everything black spot is hidden, as you will see in the video

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