7 days in the wardrobe of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva

A week in Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva Nigerian fashion blogger Winter Wardrobe Style.

Getting our readers as close to global fashion trends  and style as possible, is important to us. Therefore we are spending a week in the wardrobe of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva. Her autumn winter style is stunning and why not? We will be featuring 4 Nigerian Fashion Bloggers winter style in the upcoming weeks and if you guys know of any Nigerian fashion bloggers that are fun, interesting and have great style, leave a comment down below. We would love to feature someone you know and maybe we know them too. Who knows…

Alexandria Sho-Silva is a Fashion and Textile Design graduate (MA w. Distinction) living in London. She works in merchandising at a retail head office as well as curate her own blog.  She shares her personal style, beauty tips and bits from her travel experiences. shes worked with some of the most amazing global fashion and lifestyle brands such as River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Estee Lauder, Pantene, eBay and Westfield London, just to mention a few. Her style is media for self-expression. She says that her social media is always a representation of how she feels at a particular point in time which makes it very versatile. Comfort, simplicity and elegance are always a constant (as well as a touch of blush and mink!).

  1. Autumn Winter Style 1 of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva: Winter shorts and coat. Winter shorts and over the knee boots are a super easy outfit idea, all you need is to find an eye-catching pair of boots that can keep your legs extra warm, plus you can add chunky wool socks underneath, so no one can notice you are wearing them. Then you will need velvet, denim or leather shorts, blouse, sweater or any other top and a cozy coat, trench or biker jacket. Longer heavy fabric shorts is another option you’ve got. You will need a sleek leather shorts with a knee-grazing silhouette which can keep you covered up in all the right ways. Then you can add a cozy sweater or any other top and layer it under a warm coat.
  • Autumn Winter Style 2 of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva:  Monochrome never dies. It’s easy to fall into just wearing black or navy blue in winter but wearing monochrome can really add colour to winter dark outfit. Instead Of adding a pop of colour, peaking a bit of white can turn an outfit from attention seeking to lawyer classy. Go for a white long coat, white blouse, black leather shorts, tights and slouchy boots in simple black or leather:
  • Winter Autumn Look 3 of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva: The Oversized jersey. For one to get away with wearing an oversized jersey in winter that hardly keeps warmth, the key is to start with a skin-tight vest or undergarments. The first rule about layering is always start with the thinnest item and build up from there. This makes certain that your foundation is as slim-fit as possible making sure that all warmth with stay in your body, before adding more fabrics to your look.
  • Winter Autumn Look 4 of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva: Wear thick shirts. Wean it comes to shirts, people tend to wear the same kind of shirt in summer and winter. A very important key in not adding too many coats in winter is to change the fabric of the shirt. Winter shirts are made from a thicker kind of cotton. And wearing thick cotton keeps a person warmer than just wearing jackets with little body huggers.
  • Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva keeps warm in Winter:  It’s always better to layer thinner items, rather than trying to make a chunky knit fit under an oversized corduroy blazer. Try layering a fine knit jersey, under a slim-line, fitted denim jacket, under a light cardigan.
  •  Autumn Winter accessories of Nigerian Fashion Blogger Tosin Alexandria Sho-Silva: If there’s one good thing about freezing temperatures, it’s that it gives us the opportunity to accessorize from head to toe. Gloves, hats, scarves, the list goes on. Our British/Nigerian fashion blogger chose to wear a black wide brimmed hat which looked so cool with her outfit.
  • Have fun:  We’ve all been there—It’s the dead of winter and you’re starting to feel a bit uninspired, sartorially speaking. That’s when the perfect winter accessory can be a game changer—a cozy scarf in a fun colour can help you out of your cold weather style rut.

Images: Alexandria

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