Nicki Minaj retired and my heart just broke

I’m so emotionally! Nicki Minaj has announced on twitter that she is retiring and focusing on starting a family. It honestly still feels like a joke. Why would the biggest and greatest Female Rapper of our generation retire? We are expecting so much more and we are not ready to let go.’ Nicki Minaj retired ‘ are words we didn’t think we would be hearing anytime soon.

Nicki Minaj has helped man people through dark times. She has made us dance, she has made us cry. She has made us feel good about ourselves and she has sometimes made us question our sexuality in regards to her provocative outfits and damn fine body.

As i’m writing this, i still feel like she will be ‘recanting’ her twitter statement and jump out of the bushes, screaming , sike!!! Gotcha! i was only joking, but this really feels like the end.

But why ant we just be happy for her and accept her retirement and be happy for her? well, maybe cause we feel like she is still young and she can make more music and that these types of statements are for people who are old and buried. Not the young and vibrant Nicki Minaj.

War with Nicki Minaj

To be honest, in the last few months, e have seen Nicki Minaj character Assassinations from left to right. We have seen people try to sabotage her live performances ad we have seen people try to take her crown. Leaving now, on her terms, is probably one of the best things she can do, right now. Leaving while she is still high up there before the witch doctors come and try to bury the Barbie. Its a sad day in Hip hop when There is even such a thing as Nicki Minaj retired.

When Nicki first came in the game, she payed homage to the female rappers that had come before her. The new female rappers of this generation , eXcludin a few, have disrespected Nicki Minaj so bad as if she was not the one who paved the way for THEIR success..

Tji! There is so much i want to say about the music Business, about rap music , about female rap, about the fact that Nici Minaj is not scared of competition because she knows she will always win. I have a lot to say but my heart is broken.

Come back when you are ready Nicki

I feEl like we should all give Nicki Minaj the time to be happy, start a family etc and Give the hip hop industry time to miss her. But when she comes back, let us embrace her and make her top 1 again.

I cant image what goes on in an artist mind when they decide to retire. Nobody should have to chose between a family and career. But i know that these decisions are made for personal and self preservation.

Tonight we mourn your retirement, but tomorrow we will continue to celebrate all your past and future success.

Love Beliciousmuse Team

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