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I’m writing this chilling on my bed and the time is 12: 06 AM. I haven’t yet gone to bed as I suffer from a mild case of insomnia but, to be fair, I often sleep around AM hours. Lots to do, so little time. Anyway… as you’ve already guessed from the title, Nicki Minaj has released the visuals of her new single, GANJA BURN. When I first heard parts of the Album from Youtube music review vloggers and some snippets from her Instagram, I was heavily drawn to this song, GANJA BURN.

Ganja Burn is a song about being Queen and it’s fitting for it to be the first song, after the Album release, to get its own visuals. The Ganja Burn Video starts off as an ancient, the Mummy returns, type of movie with a brief intro on background information.

Ganja Burn Video has symbolisms of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The opening scene shows Nicki Minaj rising from the sand, and as the song progresses, Nicki Minaj, The Queen, continues to evolve, until the final scene where she reaches Goddess status and finally the video closes with Nicki Minaj in the same position as the opening scene, back in the sand.

In Ganja Burn, Nicki Minaj uses more of her natural tone, to rap, and not so much the animated Barbie character. She also sings way more in this Ganja Burn record. Towards the end of the video, Nicki Minaj singing voice shines through and if you allow it, will give you chills.

The beat of Nicki Minaj Ganja Burn reminds me of a common Afro beats song. The Beat is clearly not stolen and its unique but the African drums are refreshing to hear from Nicki Minaj who usually plays it safe, on the pop side of things. The afro-beat-ness of the song also reminds me of Beyoncé, Grown Women, who reached a higher level of international fame when she shared with us her African inspired art a couple of years ago,

Gold and yellow is the theme of the Ganja Burn Music video, Yellow is a symbol of gold, and thus wealth and power. Throughout the video, Nicki Minaj is telling us who she is, how hard she has worked, the accolades she has achieved and the power and respect she has EARNED, in the music industry. Its humbling and empowering to see Nicki Minaj in these visuals and we giving her props for being as authentic as possible.

The Ganja Burn Video progresses with her army of warriors rising from the same sand she resurrected from and now we see them forming a circle around her to worship and to protect her. What kind of army, you may ask? Well, true to the African, authentic and strong theme of the video and the song, the army is made up of strong African, dark skinned men. Chiseled, tall, and ready to serve. It’s rare to see a beautiful man serve a woman, as most men these days are all about serving themselves. The symbolism of a man serving a woman shows clearly how prosperous, happy and grounded a woman can be when she knows that she is protected and lifted by her people.

Now, we can’t say much about a Nicki Minaj video without talking about the fashion, hair and makeup. And while we are at it, we will just throw in some nudity in there, just for control. The head pieces that Nicki Minaj wears in the Ganja Burn video will probably be available for purchase a few weeks from now by different retail shops around the world. This Nicki MINAJ look will probably be inspirations for Coachella, the next time it comes around and a whole lot of African themed weddings or simple gatherings. The makeup is flawless and the barely there clothing or pieces of fabric surrounding Nicki Minaj Body symbolizes that even as Queen, she can be bare and naked in front of us and bare her soul. Ganja Burn is by far one of the best songs in the Nicki Minaj Queen Album and, it’s so worth the listen and, the Album is worth the wait.

Watch Ganja Burn here:

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