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Movie review: Netflix the Perfection is ‘Get Out’

If you think that the movie Get Out was mind-blowing twists and shock… then you will definitely want to watch Netflix the Perfection.
Allison Williams is the white girl in Get Out that dates black people and brings them to her parents and brother and they run a small business. In this business they convert black people into white people or rather they put the minds of the white people in the bodies of black people and carry on with their lives.

There is a tendency for people to generalize an actor based on the character that they play in a certain movie. So, for example, the white lady in GET OUT seems like a nice person until it right in the middle of the movie. Towards the end of the movie you will want her to die as the story unfolds of mental slavery. Black people being marginalized or enslaved or being used, in Get Out.

Allison Williams is a perfect person to play the lead role in Netflix The Perfection. Allison Williams character is evil. I think even more evil than her character in GET OUT and to put an entire twist to this movie, she is evil to another black person, similar to GET OUT. So, basically Allison Williams is typecast to play the blonde white villain girl who works her magic on black people. And I say this because the creators of Netflix the perfection could have easily chosen another white girl to play the part of the antagonist but chose a black girl. Ingenious!

It’s not even an hour into the movie and I’m already clapping my hands in disbelief at what I have just seen. I’m shocked I’m puzzled but I’m actually just really confused and horrified at the extent that someone will go to to get what they want. I.e revenge.

A huge lesson to take away from the movie Netflix The perfection, do not trust anyone, not even the friends that ‘have your back’. The way they might have the same thing that you have, but they want yours, and they may have even more than you, but they will still want yours, if it seems as if it is more than what they have.

I’m still shocked at how how do you fall in love with a person that used to be you. It didn’t cross your mind that she would want it back ? The title ? It didn’t cross your mind and you could simply be naive.

Netflix the perfection is crazy as it is disturbing, with a mix of interesting and a touch of confusing topped with sprinkles of mind blown

The twists in the Netflix The Perfection movie are almost a similar to the twist that you found when you watched GET OUT. The ambiance is the same it’s literally a psychological Thriller mixed with horror. Allison Williams in this movie does such a great job of playing the villain but she also does such a great job of playing the victim! Netflix the Perfection is a MUST SEE!

The ending of the perfection the movie is ingenious. I wouldn’t really call it a happy ending but it surely comes very close. The moral of the story is that number one : don’t leave a child with strangers. Number 2: a person’s freedom and self-worth is more important than a person’s limbs. People will do what they need to do to be free, even cut off pieces of themselves.

People with authority are known to abuse their authority and Netflix The Perfection depicts that perfectly. Brainwashing children is easy because their minds are so malleable. Like with the R Kelly alleged accusations, some parents will go to lengths to have their child successful but they don’t consider the risk factors of leaving children with anyone who isn’t registered to look after children. You can’t allow your children to be exposed to such indecent and horrifying behavior.

Some pedophiles become pedophiles because of too much access to young children. Other pedophiles become pedophiles because it’s in their DNA. But no matter how or why a person become a pedophile, that’s not even an issue to discuss. If one is a pedophile, one must be locked Behind Bars. Nobody should be given that much access to your children, no matter how power hungry you are as a parent and no matter how much you want your children to succeed in life.

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