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Netflix Fractured movie Review

Ok, so when I first watched the trailer for Fractured on YouTube, I kept getting more and more annoyed at how Netflix trailers are made these days, predictable, giving away the whole plot.  I mean, when you watch the trailer you can almost get the storyline.  The initial thought was that Netflix Fractured was going to be like Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island and I left that comment on YouTube. I downloaded the movie during the week because I am a sucker for crime and psychological thrillers but I only got to watch it after work, Friday evening. So, here goes my Netflix Fractured Movie Review.

First of all, I feel like ANYTHING Sam Worthington is in has the potential to be great and I wasn’t too off the mark with that expectation. Yes, Netflix Fractured trailer gives a lot away, but it also doesn’t tell you much about the details. The premise of the Movie has elements of Shutter Island In it, where a persons mind is ‘Fractured’ , but how he gets there and the fine details, is the adventure.

Fractured Movie Review

The Movie follows a couple with a young daughter, from a family trip. Family gets into an accident and the father drives them to the nearest hospital. At the hospital, the mother and the daughter get ‘kidnapped’, or lost and the poor and desperate father tries his level best to get his family back.

Fractured is full of suspense and takes you on a journey. The journey is emotional and stressful but enlightening. You start feeling sorry and compassion for the characters and start rooting for them to win. Netflix Fractured is engaging and starts a dialog on issues that really matter.

The issues that were brought to my attention in this movie are issues like hospital privacy and security, how different are law enforcement agencies in rural towns compared to those working in cities and what really happens to the mind once a person has suffered a brain injury due to an accident etc. This movie is honestly brilliant.

Sam Worthington has skills

Sam Worthington is easily one of the best Actors of our generation. What I enjoy most about Sam Worthington is his ability to transform in movies and ‘leave himself behind’ while immersing himself in a character or a role. I first met Sam Worthington in the Movie Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans. Lies. I fell in love with Sam Worthington in AVATOR. He was beautiful to watch.  Sam Worthington has played some of the most iconic movie roles to date but a movie I wasn’t expecting to see him in was the movie THE SHACK.

The Shack

The Shack movie turned Sam Worthington into a holistic actor and he deserves all the praise and recognition he is receiving. It is a good movie about forgiveness and you will be forever changed after watching it.

Anyway, Netflix Fractured movie is a movie that is similar to the Shack in terms of composition and cinematography and some small elements in the movie. Sam Worthington is a believable actor and he will have you at the edge of your seat, at the verge of tears,

Fractured movie is a must see. Forget what you have seen before and nullify all your expectations, to enjoy a brilliantly told story about trauma, lies, and the brain.

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