Narciso Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez Review

Narciso Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez Review

‪I have so many stories to talk about when it comes to perfumes. The Narciso Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez perfume has inspired this story but it is not this Narciso Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez perfume that makes this story romantic. It is another perfume, but we will talk about the name of THAT perfume a bit later.

Love stories of Lust

It was one day, on a weekday. I had chosen to visit an internet café that was situated at a mall. I sat behind a screen that was directly behind another screen in a row of about five computers. I was the only one in that row and the internet café was a bit empty. The internet café had about 40 Computers and we were three in the café excluding the receptionist. After an hour on my screen, I saw that a guy from across the room was looking at me. He had been looking at me for some time. I then decided to stare back. He waved, awkwardly and I waved back with a smile. He then tore his eyes away from me and continued to focus on whatever he was doing on his computer.

After another hour I decided to leave. I went to the receptionist to pay for the time that I had used and walked out towards the lift. The internet café was on the top floor of the mall, the fifth floor. As I was waiting for the lift to present itself on the fifth floor, the guy that was staring at me also stepped out of the internet café and stood next to me as we both waited for the life.

He looked at me and said hi. I said hi back. He then asked me what perfume I use. I responded and said the name of the perfume. He then looked away then looked back at me and spoke. ‘You smell nice’. I figured it was hard for him to talk to me because he kept having to find the courage to talk to me. I responded with a thank you then the lift showed up.

Before the lift opened, he said something I will never forget. Your scent is intoxicating; you smell so good. He said it awkwardly with a smile and he looked a bit shy. I smiled and said thank you. WE both got into the lift, and he asked if he could walk me home. I agreed, and we then started talking about other things other than perfume.

But when I tell you that the guy was totally into me from scent to the very last day we saw each other, I am not kidding.  He just liked me, and it was not just the perfume, but I will always be grateful and never forget that there was one day a guy that fell in love with me because of a fragrance and the way my body embodied it.

Narciso Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez

I do not have ANYTHING BAD to say about anything related to Narciso Rodrigues. All the perfumes I have ever had the chance to try one had always blown me away. I just adore this perfume so much, and I hate buying the 30ml bottle because it tends to not last like the 50 or 100ml. If you ever feel like you want to get me a birthday present and you are not sure which present to buy, you will NEVER go wrong with Narciso Rodriguez OR Narciso Poudree by Narciso Rodriguez. Cannot stop wearing it; it is delicious, cosy, comforting and lady like.

If you like powdery sweet fragrances this is for you, but you should evaluate it first before buying it and the reason or this is that it tends to smell vastly different from the rest of the Narciso collection- I find this one the most distinctly girly of the lot. Good perfume for work as the scent is extremely easy to like, and it will get you many compliments. When I am feeling down and in dire need of attention, I wear this perfume. The compliments keep on coming. I know, that makes me sound a little conceited but genuine compliments once in a while  here and there are good for the soul.

Whether you are enthusiastic about perfumes or not, perfumes have the timeless charm of those beauty products that, the more niche and sought after, the more we thrill with the desire to try them. Perfume lovers are divided into two teams, those who always use the same or those who change perfume according to the season. If you were to be part of the second, there are autumn fragrances that will be easy to lose your mind. Among the niche brands we love most, we have selected the perfumes to try absolutely for this autumn and, let us face it, that would be to try at least once in a lifetime to fall madly in love with them.



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