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Nadia Nakai Vic Mensa: Love seeing black girls loved up and taken care of

Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa

Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa: A black woman you love is happiest, most content, and most fulfilled when you’ve (perhaps without even knowing it) scratched her itch for security. She has been at her worst when you have ignored her, insensitively, and looked down at her for having that need. She flourishes when you consistently prove that you treasure her and are thoroughly devoted to her emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. When she senses that you care about what is in her best interest as much as your own, and, above all, when she is confident that you are not going to kick her to the curb, she relaxes. She is secure. She exhales.

How to Love a Black Woman: Give-and Get-the Very Best in Your Relationship

Getting To know Nadia Nakai the BOSS

Nadia Nakai and I have never met her in person. I see her through the TV and enjoy watching her insta stories. My favorite Nadia album is Nadia Naked and my favorite track on the Album is Kreatures.

Nadia has kept a low profile when it comes to showing us her ‘significant other’. She hardly talks about boys; she talks mostly about making money and I appreciate that. Nadia Nakai’s’ Instagram is popping, and the girl looks sooo happy. Matter of fact, she always looks happy. Like she lacks nothing and has it all. I assumed that she had a man. But even if she did not have a man, I have always thought that she did not need one to make her happy.

But when I saw Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa, I smiled a rosy, happy smile. Our girl is in a relationship and she looks even happier.

Why do we like seeing celebrities (Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa) in relationships.

We get invested in famous couples not only because we like a certain actor or admire a model’s skill, but because the celebrity lifestyle is aspirational—including their love lives. Admiring celebrities is all about trying to emulate them. From dressing like them to following their workout routines or admiring their expensive cars and houses, we look up to celebrities as role models, whether consciously or not.

When I first saw the images of Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa, I felt warm and cuddly. I love seeing her happy. Not that Nadia Nakai has not been happy before, but I loved how she freely expressed her ‘love’ for Vic Mensa and how they just are, together.

Are Nadia Nakai And Vic Mensa just an act, a publicity stunt?

The answer to that is I DON’T CARE! If a black girl is happy, I’m happy. Do you know what black girls go through to find love? Let me tell you… 

The General consensus or misconception is : Black girls cannot find love

A study done in America produced results that black women are less likely to enter into marriage or remarry than are black men or women from other racial and ethnic groups (American Fact Finder, 2011Banks, 2011Taylor, Tucker, Chatters, & Jayakody, 1997Wanzo, 2011). Furthermore, 7 out of 10 Black women (in America) are unmarried and 3 out of 10 may never marry (Banks, 2011). Thus, the disproportionate number of Black women who are not in committed relationships has been well-documented. This demographic pattern is so consistent, that it has received considerable attention from popular media (e.g., CNN documentary titled, “Black in America;” ABC News Nightline special titled, “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?”).

Married Black Men’s Opinions as to Why Black Women Are Disproportionately Single: A Qualitative Study

Broken families sometimes produce broken children

In 2015-19, the share of families headed by single parents in the USA was 75% among African American families, 59% among Hispanic families, 38% among white families and 20% among Asian families. As Black people, we (some) come from broken homes. Some of us turn out ok but most of us suffer from an array of mental issues that make it difficult to create strong bonds with other people and eventually trust them.  For me personally, the first man that ever broke my heart was my father, not a boyfriend. He disappointed me repeatedly and I learnt from there not to trust men.

I was advised by some church acquaintances, single and married ladies, to marry a man that can take care of me. And even though I’m a highly independent woman, being taken care of is rooted deep in my DNA and it’s something I cannot run away from.

Poverty and Relationships

We are taught to ‘pick’ the best ‘provider’ (not lover, friend or companion) mainly because we come from historical backgrounds of poverty and (often) physical abuse. Some of us saw how badly our mothers were treated and vowed to always try to choose better.

Our world is full of anxieties and insecurities and having a stable partner that provides some sort of security helps us breathe easier. That being said, I know how to stage a happy photo but Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa’s photos are too convincing. The look of calmness and content radiates through Ms. Nakai and I am here for it.

I love seeing black girls loved up and taken care of. Leave us alone. We deserve this.

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