nadia nakai boss music video review

Nadia Nakai Imma Boss Video is here but fans not happy

Nadia Nakai Imma Boss Video review

Nadia Nakai is know for having beast lyrics in all her music. She is one of South Africa’s finest Female MCs and she has a banging body to go with that sassy attitude and rising music career. Nadia Nakai successfully released Nadia Naked on the 28th of June 2019. Her entire album is deep, outrageous, filthy and sickening but, there are a couple of songs that stand out. Nadia Nakai Imma Boss is one of the songs on the Album that really catches ones attention. If you are not a hip hop fan, Nadia Nakai Boss can and will transform you into a hip hip believer.

Nadia Nakai Imma Boss is to a large extent an Anthem for Hard working women everywhere. Nadia Nakai Boss is probably the sequel we all needed from Destiny’s Child! Independent Women. Its a song that could easily have made the cut to be in a compilation Album along side Beyonce: Run the world ‘Girls’, Fifth Harmony: that’s my girl, Cardi B : Bodak Yellow, Nicki Minaj: Megatron, and Megan Thee Stallion: Realer.

Visuals vs Audio

Because Imma Boss by Nadia Nakai is such a HARD AND SICKENING track, people were expecting to see Nadia Nakai Imma Boss video that resembled or went along with the lyrics and sound. Nadia Nakai’s fans aren’t dissing the visuals, more like a bit disappointed that the visuals weren’t what they expected.

Nadia Nakai Imma Boss video has a backdrop overlooking a body of water. She has her friends in the video and she is having fun , twerking in what seems like a tropical beach. The dissatisfaction from her fans seems to be unanimous with a few exceptions simply happy to see her Twerking. YouTube user Mbonisi Fletcher said: I expected to see her in a million dollar suit,million dollar office doing some million dollar shit???looking down at these niqqas trying to be her! But! anyway, another cup of tea please☕️? .

Troy machakwa said :Honestly I feel like the video doesn’t match the lyrics. I thought she will probably bring something dark and violent but anyway it ain’t my business but honestly I’m tired of it. Almost every video u put out has to be almost the same, ass shaking and showing your thighs…how about something else sis? Hosea seoko stated: nice but thought id see you bossing around like how you did on NA’MEAN? But its all love. Siyanda mashila said:Visuals doesn’t do justice to this amazing track. It doesn’t compliment it at all, there’s nothing “Bossy” about this video I’m kinda disappointed cause I love this tune.

Expectation VS Reality

There is level of expectation when it comes to fans. Fans hear an audio and immediately create their own visuals for the song. Most of the time artist and fans alike create video concepts that align with the music. But, that being said, wouldn’t it ALSO have been predictable if Nadia Nakai come up with visuals that co-align with Nadia Nakai Boss audio? Wouldn’t that have been boring?

Give the people what they want

Artists are sometimes stuck between giving the people what they want and giving the people what the artist wants. There is a fine line in entertainment and as a performer where what you want is no longer up for discussion. What THEY want is the way forward. If people want you to give them art that they like, they are more likely to share, tweet and comment on it. But if they feel like What you are giving them is not what they want, people will take it, but reluctantly. The perfect gift is one that is well collaborated. Nadias Nakai’s Ass is the perfect definition of giving the people what they want.

Nadia Nakai Imma Boss Video is Bossy

Nadia Nakai Imma boss is a beautiful video of a girl enjoying herself at a private beach somewhere on the far coast of some place exotic. The fact that the video includes some of her friends plays into her being the boss. She maybe payed for all of them or her friends are as Boss as her. People should get what the get and be happy. But sometimes positive criticism goes a long. That being said, i don’t remember a time where Nadai Nakai didn’t do anything on Purpose. Maybe the reason she went against the grain with this video was so we could talk about it . And here we are.

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